Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway (TWO)!

I'm about halfway through with my trip to Manila; I'm sure I'm missing my boys like crazy but hopefully having a good time doing the Lord's work. I have another guest blogger today. I met Becky in college; she was an RA in my complex and on staff with my hubby. She and I get along so well, probably because we're freaky English majors. Us geeks tend to stick together. Becky has done something I dream of doing one day - wrote a book. Well, 3, in fact. Read on and be sure to head on over to Becky's blog, too. - Randi

Hi everyone! My name is Becky and I have a blog over at Turn Around & Say Hello  -- and I am so excited to be guest posting here today! Randi and I met long ago, during those wonder years of college. Big A and my hubs were pretty good friends.
A little about me? I’m an English teacher, and in my spare time I write! Recently, I released my third book. It’s a modern twist on an old classic – Pride and Prejudice.
Here’s the info from Amazon:
Our favorite Pride and Prejudice characters are at it once again in this galloping modern retelling. In Covington, Louisiana, the Bennet name is synonymous with Longbourn Ranch - land that has been in the family for generations. The Bennets raise racing horses, cotton, and five daughters that are the belles of the parish.

When Darcy Accounting comes into town to take over some of the Bennet finances, pandemonium ensues. Embezzling, sex tapes, and Corduroy Collins all play major roles in this fresh tale.

Saddle your horse, find your riding boots, and slip into some of that "Southern Speak" ... you'll fit right on in.

And today, I’m giving away two copies! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment here telling me all how you met YOUR Mr. Darcy (or how you dream of meeting your Mr. Darcy).
MY Mr. Darcy and I met while in college. He was the quarterback of the football team and I was a cheerleader. Turns out the old cliché is true!
I can’t wait to see your stories!

Giveaway ends on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 11:59 (CST). Must be 18 or older to enter; void where prohibited.


Stacey said...

How fun! I met my man at Bible College. We both noticed each other on the first day of class, and were dating a couple months later!

Ryan C said...

I met my Mr. Darcy while I was in high school, but not like most. On the internet. Granted, I didnt know him, I knew his 'character' in a game and didnt think much of him until 2007 when I met him in person. So yeah, we met on the internet!

Coco said...

Hi, Becky!

The setting for Book Three sounds inspired. Mr. Collins so makes me cringe, but as Corduroy Collins?! I am laughing already.

Anyway, I met my Mr. Darcy at a new job at a small firm. I was actually hired when he was out sick for a week or two, and they were in desperate need of help. Happily ensconced and really enjoying my job and new colleagues, I was looking forward to meeting him, since we were supposed to work closely together.

Well, I was horrified from the moment he walked off the elevator on his first morning back. I took an instant dislike to him--his clothes, his attitude, his arrogance. Sound familiar?

We were introduced by the president of the company, and as I shook his hand, he complained that my handshake was too firm.

"Better than a limp fish," I shot back. He lifted one eyebrow and gave me the once-over, as if he'd thought better of dismissing me so easily.

I spent the better part of that morning telling myself that it was a shame that I'd have to quit, but that there was no way I could work with him. He was the type that put his feet up on the desk; schmoozed every client, particularly the women; repeatedly told questionable jokes . . . I was rolling my eyes and grinding my teeth through it all.

All of a sudden, he leaned over and turned on my favorite radio station; I grudgingly conceded a few points in his favor. A while later, one of my favorite songs by a favorite band came on and, without my saying a word, he cranked up the music, not caring who it disturbed. Many more points in his favor, and I figured he really couldn't be that bad if he loved the same music. Right?

By the end of the day, I realized we had many of the same associations, and that he was incredibly quick and funny. He was still tough to take, but he'd also set himself to charming me. I adopted a "wait-and-see" attitude.

Little by little, I discovered that he was an incredibly loyal and generous friend, a devoted son, generous and kind to people in trouble/need, and could make me laugh in the very worst moments.

Three months after we met, we were good friends--who took no crap from each other--and we were robbed at gunpoint in the office one night. When the robbers pointed the guns at us and told us to sit down (there was only one office chair at hand), he did not hesitate for a second. Before I even knew what was happening, he sat down, pulled me onto his lap, and forced my head below his shoulder while spinning the chair to face the wall--so that if they did indeed fire, he would get hit and not me. I hissed that it was no time for gallantry, but he clapped his hand over my mouth.

Happily, we lived to tell that tale. And in that moment, my arrogant and impossible Mr. Darcy became my hero, as well. Still arrogant and a giant pain in the butt, he was capable of great sweetness and he always made me feel completely safe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, I want to say I met my husband at a party at a pit my sister wanted me to give him her number but I gave him mine. As of April 18th we have been married 25yrs. Also, thanks for helping Randi out while she is away. I'm randis mom.

junewilliams7 said...

I still hope to meet my Mr. Darcy. He should be an old soul, meaning that he is steady and reliable, known for years by friends and church as a dependable rock, unwavering yet not stuck in concrete, if that makes sense. That's how I see Darcy -- "In essentials, I believe, he is very much what he ever was" yet he was willing to become brother-in-law to Wickham when he married a penniless Lizzy.

~ junewilliams7

China said...

How I met my Mr. Darcy? We met in a new job, where there was not enough of anything. So, we were given the same desk, the same computer, and even the same chair to do our work...I had no other choice, but falling in love!
Hugs, China

Jakki L. said...

This book sounds like such a great read for a JAFF lover, like me! The whole premise sounds promising! Thanks for the giveaway!
I met my Mr. Darcy in college. He played basketball and I was immediately taken in by his sexy arms! The day his classes were over (since he finished early), we started dating and have been together since! :)

GranJan said...

sad to say, but I never met my Mr. Darcy, and at 63 I am seriously not even interested anymore - not enough energy for a spicy relationship! But I a very happy for those that do meet the man that completes them and brings delight and satisfaction to their lives. And I take great delight in reading P&P ff and would love to win a copy of this book!

Becky Thumann said...

Alle's Comment - Via Gmail (Google Issues):

I'm not sure if DH is Darcy, but he is not Bingley! We met at a church function for singles and were friends for several months (around 6 months or so) and then we started dating. Once we started dating, we knew, fairly early on that we were well suited. We married 7 months after our 1st date. 7 1/2 years and 2 kids later, we are still going strong.

Nina Benneton said...

I love the title of the book!

I met my Mr. Darcy in college also. He was wearing a Lou Reed t-shirt with 'Rock-n-roll' animal written on it, but he was so shy I thought it was hilarious.

Gayle Mills said...

My ex-husband was a lot of things -- Mr. Darcy wasn't one of them.

I'd love to have a copy of Bec's book, though. I have a good imagination. :)

scmema at yahoo dot com

Teresa said...

I met Mr. Darcy on eHarmony! We have been married 3 1/2 years and are expecting baby #2 in September!


Janet T said...

My ex was definitely NOT Mr. Darcy either and alas, I have never met my Mr. Darcy. I just enjoy reading about him and spending time with him through the Austenesque novels available to us.

Your book sounds interesting, Becky!

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