Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Every Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge (book review)

Before you jump to conclusions about my reason for writing about this book (and you may if you have read Every Man's Battle or know what it's about), know that when I pick books to review, I only have a few to choose from. I, myself, had heard of Every Man's Battle about men's sexual battles, so I thought this would be a good book worth reading.

Every Woman's Battle is about "discovering God's plan for sexual and emotional fulfillment." When a friend saw this book sitting out, he was curious "I thought you guys didn't struggle with that." But I told him that we struggle with emotional temptations, not (necessarily) physical temptations. Men are visual and give love to get sex (in a non-Christian way) while women are emotional and give sex to get love.

While I'm not struggling with most of the battles within this book, I saw so many areas I have previously struggled with. I wish I had read this years ago (as in high school)! I would have learned to guard my heart, lock my lips (which I still could do!), build better boundaries (or any at all back then).

I think that many women struggle with emotional temptation: wishing their husband was another man (even a celebrity), reading romance novels and getting lost in those knights in shining armor (even in Christian romance novels!), pretending during intimate times that they are with someone else, finding someone who "understands" them like their husband doesn't seem to.

I feel so blessed after reading this because I have a husband whom I respect and trust. He really is my best friend. However, one thing really struck me while reading. Ethridge makes a comment about how she used to yell at her husband (or perhaps this was another women's story...regardless) until he asked her if she talked to her best friend that way. We say our husband's are our best friends, but do we treat them that way? Or do we let whatever fly out of our mouths because we know they'll take it? I do. Especially when I'm in a rant or we're arguing. I'm rude. Very rude. And my husband, the really great man he is, doesn't deserve that. Not one bit. So I am trying (very very very very hard) to shut my lips. Lord, keep your hand very tightly over my mouth. I want my best friend to feel like I love him and respect him and like him!!

Even if you're not struggling with an emotional or sexual temptation, I highly recommend this book. You never know who you may encounter who could use some of this wisdom: your mother, sister, friend, stranger in the gym. We women are so interconnected that I think this is a wonderful tool to have under your belt. And you may be being tempted and not even realize it! Hard to believe, but many of us have been strayed away from the righteous path without knowing.

Disclaimer: I receive this book to review honestly. All opinions are my own and others may or may not have the same experience(s) as I've had with the book/content/publisher/author. 

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Teresa said...

Hmmm, feeling totally convicted over here! I really need to work on how I talk to my hubby as well. I would be crushed if he ever was mean to me like I can get with him with my angry or frustrated or stressed words.

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