Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring break

We're on spring break here in Kansas, ladies and gentlemen (do any gentlemen read this?). That means...absolutely nothing except 2 kids home 24/7. Monday we watched Baby K and that was just a hard day for everyone - his mama was busy at work, the mood here was as gray as the skies. Phew, definitely a Monday.
 Tuesday we had a meet up for the ladies going to the Philippines. Since I knew both of them and they didn't know each other we had K and J meet up at our house. J brought her son M over to play. The boys played really well with each other! Last night, Big A & I played Don't Wake Daddy with the boys (anyone else have that game growing up?) and then Bezzerwizzer with one another (he beats me every time!).
 Today the boys did some school worksheets about rainbows (we read a story about Noah's Ark to go along with it). Squirt is really impressing me - yesterday he did a matching worksheet by himself - drawing lines between matching bugs. Moose does really well sitting and working, too, it's awesome. Then we headed up to the local public gym to run around. We were up there from 10-12 pretty much. Phew! J and M came up to play and then another friend J came up with her kids M and C. It was fun. Duck, duck, goose. Hide and seek. Lots of running. Basketball. Now the boys are watching The Little Engine that Could and eating lunch.
 Tomorrow we hope to hang out with cousins. And Friday absolutely nothing. Saturday I have an Usborne book party (interested in ordering online? email me sclubmama (at) gmail (dot) com) and a date.
What am I doing on my date??? Going to see the most anticipated movie of my life...

this will be a good birthday date!

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