Sunday, March 11, 2012

Multitude Monday

It's time for another Multitude Monday with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. Instead of listing mine by number, I'm going to pick and choose from my last week because there were a ton. I have quite the blessed life (thank you, Lord!).

- my boys in matching outfits, down to the underwear
- health
- adrenaline rush of running "fast"
- Moose introducing me as "my best friend, Mommy"
- always carrying a small, 2yo boy: "you pick you up me?" (will you pick me up?)
- my friend K's loyalty and kindness
- Adorable school pictures!
- HUGE moon
- Moose, so desperate to watch tv, asking to watch Star Wars (my childhood favorite)
- Moose, reading on the toilet, asking me, "will you turn my page?"

he's reading Giggle, Giggle Quack, for those interested :)

- Squirt getting the hang of potty training

that's a solitare game and a tampon in his hand

- flat irons!
- the gift of Jesus Christ's shed blood on the cross. Shed for my sins. How else would I know forgiveness, love, and eucharisteo (thanksgiving)?
- Star Wars :)
- forgiveness for bad mommy moments
- friends at the park
- taking a friend for birthday dessert
- contentness with family size...most days
- best treadmill miles yet!
- being up before the early birds
- watching the early birds literally searching for the worms
- my husband's homemaking skills

this was from last week but I came home Saturday to a COMPLETELY clean house!
- retail therapy only bested by friend therapy
- good food choices when eating out
- movie featuring a married couple (vs. adulteress couples)
- my other friend K's little girl Miss K wanting me to hold her in the nursery
- my friend L giving me a printout of a Peeps decorated cake!!
- Miss S, who organizes our children's ministry at church, and her loving support for Moose
- Squirt butt naked except for my new floppy hat before church
- Moose remembering that two days prior that our friend C's dad had pushed him (Moose) on the swings and thanking T for pushing him (I was nowhere near him to even prompt him)
- fun tights
- Squirt peeing 2x and pooping 1x during Sunday school!!
- Moose using the men's room all by himself after church (even though I thought we lost him)

Wow, that's quite the list. But do you see what I see? Mundane, small moments lifted up to our Lord in thanksgiving for those perfect, sweet moments that come between the hard ugly things that we, too, must lift up to the Lord in thanksgiving, making them ugly-beautiful.

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Love it all...and love you!

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