Friday, March 2, 2012

big boy bed

 A few weeks ago, Squirt decided to fall out of his crib. So it was time for the big boy bed. This was something new to us (having a kid fall out of his crib) because Moose would probably still be in a crib if we hadn't moved him out at almost 3. Anyway, this was our second attempt with Squirt - the first time had been abandoned because he kept jumping out of bed. He has done an excellent job of NOT jumping out of bed (although sometimes he does jump in bed...but gets in trouble for it). He's thrilled to be in a big boy bed...this mama is, too, but between the big boy bed and big boy underwear, where's the baby???

first night in the big boy bed
the morning after - must have been a rough night!


In Light of the Truth... said...

He's growing up so fast!! I'm starting to get anxious/excited to move Carter soon-ish to bottom bunk of Eli's bed and FINALLY move him out of the pack n play!! He's starting to look huge in the pack n play and he deserves a real bed. I'm just still chicken about the sharing of a room factor, but I should just dive in and embrace the change (likely that by 6:45 both boys would be up when Eli gets up, no more leaving Carter to play/chill in his bed giving us a slower start to the morning. We'll see!

Rebecca said...

That is so funny. I recently had a picture of my daughter with no shirt on at all. It's so entertaining trying to think what these little sweeties think. SO sweet.

ps I cry every time I have to put away clothes they grow out of .. even my 4 year old...

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