Tuesday, February 28, 2012

you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose...

...but picking your kids' teachers is hard. Here in Small Town, KS, I have a say (not necessarily final decision) about who Moose's teacher will be next year since he has an IEP - I'm not 100% on how it all works, but I do have a voice in the situation.
 Well, I only personally know one of the kindergarten teachers. I don't even know the other teachers' names (there are 3-4). I thought that it wouldn't necessarily matter, so I said the teacher I know. EDIT: I had doubts because I don't know the teachers hardly at all, especially in a professional setting.
 I was scared because I thought I was stuck hard and fast into my choice. I talked to Moose's current teacher today and she suggested that I come to visit the classrooms to see for myself. I like that idea (EDIT: I was told by the principal that this wouldn't be allowed).
 It's still going to be a hard choice. I'm definitely praying for the Lord's wisdom on this one!
 Now, I just need to find a baby-sitter to watch the boys so I can go up to the school to visit.

EDIT TO ADD: Here's the worst thing about small towns and blogs. Someone doesn't like that you wrote something on your blog? They go talk to the principal. Here's the thing: I have a SAY about Moose's teacher next year. I never EVER said I get to choose the teacher. I just got off the phone with the principal and "someone" (I'm fairly certain who so please if this is you, grow up and talk to me. I'm tired of this behind the back stuff. We aren't in junior high!) told him that I had a blog where I said I got to pick his teacher. NO NO NO NO. I told him, "I said I have a voice in the matter. Which is what we're discussing, right?" Perhaps he never thought about it in those terms, but he agreed. Then that same "someone" said that I had used another student's name on my blog. Bull. I don't even use my own kids' names! I have spoken about his classmates in ONE post where I said he and another student weren't getting along. That was a fact, I didn't say that either was at fault because neither was - we're people, not everyone gets along. But I'm getting tired of this.

My blog is my space where I talk about my family. My family interacts with other people. So, yes, sometimes I write about other people. I do not feel I have ever marred a reputation. I do not feel I speak badly about anyone. I try not to do that in real life and my blog is just an extension of my life, not another persona. If you feel I have talked poorly of you or someone else, talk to me. I think I'm a fairly approachable person and I take criticism well (you can ask Moose's teacher. We've had discussions about Moose that aren't always easy to hear but I'm a human. I'm a sinner, I realize that I fail (a lot) but as a Christian, I try really hard to fix what's broken.). Please, please stop talking about me (and my blog) behind my back.


Becky D said...

I would recommend visiting the classrooms, I would also list things you want in a teacher for Moose. Does Moose need more structure, Does he need a teacher who is willing to hug? A calm voice? All of us have great qualities, but all of us have entirely different teaching personalities and strengths, you need to find the teacher that fits with Moose and your family the best!

Jas said...

so is he going to kdg for sure? we are very lucky to have all good kdg teachers

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