Monday, February 27, 2012

Multitude Monday

Over at A Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp blogs about such beautiful things. If you haven't read her book, One Thousand Blessings, hit your local library or book shop or Amazon and get a copy. It's ridiculously touching and I hope will lead your heart toward the Lord like it has mine. In the book, Ann talks about counting your blessings. I do that on paper, as she did too, but (like Ann) I like to share my blessings with you. That's what Multitude Mondays are about - you can link up with Ann at her blog.
*Disclaimer: if the numbers don't add up, I'm just starting from where I left off last time in my journal.

407. returned phone calls
408. two friends on their 4th pregnancies
409. playdate invitation - it's great to feel wanted :)
410. gray and yellow
411. peeps, chips, and a movie (my Valentine's Day gifts)

412. Moose reading me a book
413. controlling my temper
414. geese flying
415. not cooking
416. buying the boys new cars (even though they continually fight over them)
417. sleepy baby
418. standing baby!

just FYI, no this isn't my baby, it's a friend's baby I watch - Baby T.
419. knowing this won't last forever
420. silly commercials with pretty colors
421. happy women with cute tights
422. flexible schedules
423. dishes done with man hands
424. waking to playful bathtime noises
425. skirts (and even pantyhose - they make me feel ladylike)
426. The Story - Jericho
427. 13 beautiful outside miles
428. Big A
429. "wiper mo wiping...awww, mant" - Squirt (from Dora the Explorer "Swiper, no swiping...awww, man!"
430. excitement at eating out (the boys...and me)
431. family park time
432. Sunday Family Movie Night: Tangled
433. My first Usborne party (pst! If you want to host a party, let me know!)
434. yipping coyotes (only cool to listen to, I know the damage they can do...I've seen Barnyard)

Count your blessings and share. 

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