Monday, February 13, 2012

Multitude Monday

My friend, Erin, keeps up with Ann Voskamp's blog and participates in Multitude Mondays over there. I started my own list after I read Ann's book (One Thousand Gifts)...but I've been fizzling since the New Year. It's hard to remember to write things down and remember to take your notebook everywhere. But I've also been less looking at the small blessings. So I'm going to try to keep up with this once a week - keeping track in my notebook and then transferring it online. Excuse my numbering; I'm starting where I left off with my notebook.

399. Running to honor Sherry Arnold
400. Random red balloon rolling in the street while running.
401. Birds flying so freely (while I was running inside).
402. MIL and FIL bringing the cousins to play with the boys.
403. Couch naps.
404. A washer to wash sheets peed on by little boys...
405. A French meal: French toast and French fries (that counts, right?).
406. Wearing my headband that I sewed!!

That's what I counted today. Come back next week to see my many gifts, big and small. And check out Ann's blog to link up your own Multitude Monday list.

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