Sunday, January 1, 2012

Udi's Gluten Free Foods (review)

While researching online, I've scoured numerous gluten-free blogs and come across one company's name: Udi's. Udi's Gluten Free Foods offers a variety of foods for those living a GF lifestyle. We got to try out their cinnamon rolls, granola (vanilla), whole grain bread, and snickerdoodle cookies.

Can I just say what a pleasant surprise taste-wise all of these products were? Of all the gluten-free products we have tested, these have been my favorite.

The whole grain bread loaf was still on the small size and for 12 oz, it's $5 which is still expensive but I'll pay for the better quality. What I mean is: this tastes like "real" bread! I liked it, Moose liked it, Squirt liked it, I don't think we saved enough for Big A to try... A blog friend of mine has recommended this bread on her blog, so I was really hoping it would be good. And she was right - by far the best bread we've tried.

The granola was something I kept to myself. I shared very little of it because I enjoyed it so much. I just paired it with vanilla yogurt mostly (I tried it in cereal once and didn't like how the cereal got so soggy but the granola didn't). I just finished the bag yesterday and I'm hoping to get more next week when we visit the big city (ha). That's one bad thing about Udi's - our town doesn't carry any of it. Even at our little specialty store that carries GF products, there's no Udi's. Perhaps I'll talk to the owner because I know that others in town live GF and would really like products that don't taste like cardboard (or worse).

Big A devoured the majority of the snickerdoodle cookies. This man is very hesitant to try anything gluten free, so you know these are good. His standards for good cookies are higher than most because he makes such delicious cookies, so believe me when I say these are awesome. I think the kids had one each because they were gone. I had to remind him that gluten free does not mean healthy; it's still a cookie!

The cinnamon rolls were kind of disappointing to me. There weren't directions on the package so we microwaved them and put the icing on. I will say that they just weren't up to the taste quality of the other products we tried of Udi's. The icing made the cinnamon rolls as far as Big A and I were concerned. The boys ate them like they do any other sweet, so they really weren't awful. I just wonder if we prepared them wrong?

Other than the bland cinnamon rolls, the Udi's Gluten Free Foods were great products. I am so glad we found this company - now that I've researched GF foods enough, their adds pop up on our sidebar quite often. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, too. They have a $1.00 off coupon on their website. If you live in a rural area like myself, you can buy their foods directly from their website. I honestly think their prices are fair. I've seen that some GF products are just outrageous without the taste to back it up; but Udi's is really just a little more than normal foods (and sometimes not even more, just depending on where you live), but they have the quality to back it up. Well worth your money.

Disclaimer: I received the food described above in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) as I've had with the company and/or products.

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