Friday, January 27, 2012

speed. I am speed.

I may not be Lightning McQueen but I sure have ran fast my last two runs! *Disclaimer: I know these times aren't really fast but they are really fast for me.*

On Wednesday, the weather was so beautiful (50 degrees) and Moose had been asking to go to the race track (high school track) for a few days. So I put on my running gear with the plans to run 3 miles while my boys piddled around on the track and football field. Great plan, right?

Two laps in, Moose said, "I want to go home." Um... so I pulled out the "hey, there are crackers in your backpack." While my kids devoured half a sleeve of crackers (can't believe it wasn't more), I finished my other 10 laps. Those laps averaged out to 8:57-minute miles (26:51).

I'm sure part of that was a flat track, but I'm still going to take it! I was without my iPod so listening to myself breathe was awful. Another part was the need to get it done before my kids said they wanted to go home or start throwing fits.

Then last night, I went up to the gym at 5:55. Big A had a basketball game at 7:00 and I had 5 miles on the schedule. I ran at 6.5 for the majority of the run (some was at 6.0, varied). Phew! I was tired - so tired. But I knew it was more mental than anything. And it was a good tired, not a lazy tired.

Unfortunately, when I got home, Moose thought he was going to the basketball game (hat and coat on), so I gave it and we got ready to go. I showered, took Squirt potty (and added plastic pants and pants to his outfit), got shoes and coats on everyone. I took candy canes and suckers up with me, grabbed an apple (I hadn't eaten supper yet) and water for myself. Then we hit the road back to the gym to watch Big A's team win (at least I'm fairly certain they won; you know I don't actually get to watch the game).

So, while, I won't be running in the Olympics (or the Olympic trials) any time soon, it's been good to find out that I'm faster than I thought I was. Well on my way to my 2:00:00 half marathon.

Maybe someday I will be "triple speed."

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Erica said...

yeeahh thats awesome! It's always great to pick up in speed you feel like a rockstar!

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