Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sick house

Oh my... if this is how 2012 is going to go, can it be December 31st yet?? Squirt got sick on New Year's Eve. Then one of the little boys I baby-sit got sick here about a week ago. Squirt's been sick again (acting like he's teething but he has all of his teeth for now) for a few days (appetite is hardly there at all). Moose was up all.night.long. puking and otherwise.
Which means I was up all.night.long. dragging him to the toilet. That boys profusely hates to be sick. I was so proud of him for telling me he was going to be sick, though! But my stomach was crampy all night and I've been nauseous all night.
I laid on their floor all.night.long. on a crib mattress. I'd lay on my right side, roll over about 15 minutes later, my stomach would start cramping and about 15 minutes later, Moose would cry out like he does right before throwing up. It was probably every 30 minutes. Horrible.
Now I'm so tired. Watching Cars 2. Probably watching Cars after that. Maybe some Incredibles later.
Yep, going to lay back down.


Michelle said...

Oh how I remember nights like that. Hang in there! This too shall pass!
And as for the treadmill, I feel the SAME way. I needed to run 7 last night. The wind was gusting at 50 mph, but I still went outside because I knew I wouldn't get it done on the treadmill.

Ryan C said...

I hope you guys feel better soon! :(

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