Monday, January 23, 2012


I have been blessed to be a full-time SAHM for about 4 years now. I never thought that would be me - sitting at home, watching soap operas, folding laundry. Well, minus the soap operas, that's me! And I love it. Even the tantrums and poopy pants don't negate the time spent cuddling, reading books, dancing, blowing bubbles (and bubbles and bubbles and bubbles). The smiles given at just the moment when you think you can't stay in this house any longer. The well-timed movie quote that either cracks you up or lifts your heart.
I know those moments can come after work hours, but I really love that I can have the quantity of time I do with my children. My boys aren't perfect; far from it, but there's not a job in the world I'd love more than this one.
However, my time with them is numbered (unless #3 comes along...). Squirt turns 3 this summer; Moose will most likely be going to kindergarten next year (what???). That's 2 years at home. And then what? I've thrown around the idea of continuing to stay home (which I would LOVE to do), but I don't think that will happen.
So I've been thinking of my options. Student teach when Squirt is in kindergarten to fulfill my teaching certificate requirements. Not sure that this is possible; still need to check with my alma mater. But then I could teach or at the very least substitute as much as I wanted. I could become a book consultant for the books that my family loves: Usborne. I could continue to baby-sit (although I think Big A and I both realize this is not something I desire to do long term - although I do baby-sit some great little boys). I could umpire softball - which I think I want to do anyway (there's summer and high school). I could become a running coach - that would be awesome!!
A lot to think about. And it may seem like I have all the time in the world but as any mother knows, these tentative years go by so fast - faster than fast. So my time with them will be up soon and I'm going to have a decision to make. Until then, I'll research and enjoy my time with my sweetie pies.


TracyAnne said...

you could homeschool!

EmmaP said...

I agree -- it is a tough decision. You want to take some time to fill your own oil lamp and continue in your own life's journey and progression while still making sure it won't interfere with your family, which can be tricky! Best of luck to you. If anyone can figure it out, it's you!

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