Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bye-bye pa-pa

Squirt got sick on New Year's Eve in the midst of our celebration. He was jumping in the ball pit we got from Grandma Fonda and Auntie Amber for their birthday and .... just spewed everywhere (so maybe the title to this post should also say bye-bye ball pit because I was not cleaning out all of those crevices. Yuck). And the poor kid just kept going, so I got to enjoy the rest of the festivities (playing board games!) while Big A got to (chose to) hang out with Squirt in his room to avoid more clean up than necessary (he even slept in Moose's bed while Moose got to cuddle with mama!!).

last picture with the pa-pa (back in October)
 The boy made it through that night without his pa-pa (pacifier). Just plumb fell asleep without it. So...Big A & I decided that if he could go without it while being sick, then it was time to just chuck it. And we did. He asked for it the next day at nap time, but we just told him, "when you got sick your pa-pa got dirty so no more pa-pa." He cried a little (very little) and then went to sleep.

  After the first two days or so, I haven't heard one word about the beloved pa-pa. Now, we'll see what he says this week when I baby-sit. T, the baby, is 8 months old and uses a pacifier - one different than Squirt's old one, but still, we'll see. I doubt it will cause a ruckus but even if it does, he's not getting it back.

Good job, big boy Squirt! Next up? Diapers!! Well, when his little body stops being every 5 minutes, we'll get on to diapers. We've tried a few times without success, but luckily, he's very accommodating to sit on the potty whenever I ask. We'll try again in a few weeks, see if he's ready, and then go with it. OR I'm going to trade kids with my friend Kara who has her little guy (with the same name as Squirt) potty trained. Then I'll take his pacifier and she'll take mine's diapers. :) Right, Kara?

So anyway, bye-bye pa-pa. You were a lifesaver for this mama for many months, but it's time to let you go!

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