Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I'm a little behind in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, but I do hope you all enjoyed an extended weekend celebrating the birth of our Savior with family and/or friends.

We spent some time with both families, but more with my own. I hadn't been home since June so it was very nice to be back. I honestly wasn't expecting to receive the large gifts I got, but am so thankful. My husband prepared a date night for us: Tim Hawkins tickets, reservations at a nice restaurant, and a hotel. Plus baby-sitting from my baby sister who is coming to spend some time with us after the new year. He also got me an Amazon gift card at his company Christmas party which I used to get his gift (a Glenn Beck book) and Shepherding a Child's Heart book. My mom & dad got me a sewing machine (!!) and my mom made me a casserole carrier and aprons (with matching ones for my boys - all Husker material - GBR). My little sister got me a really cute cardigan-type sweater and an N cookie cutter (like the Husker N). My older sister & her fiance (have I mentioned she got engaged? Oh yes!!) got me a Cricut and a carrying case (looks like a rolly luggage) for my sewing machine. I had to leave the Cricut behind for my little sister to bring because we drove our car out there & were stuffed to the top the way it was. So in less than a week I'll get something new to learn about.

The boys were spoiled with books (their favorite being a Noisy Monster book; my favorite being from my friend Mandy - a recordable Twas the Night Before Christmas that I had my parents read for the boys), clothes, DVDs (The Incredibles, Despicable Me, and Cars 2!!), some vinyl stickers for their rooms (Marvel superheroes and letters), aprons, cars (and cars and cars), Moose got a Mario backpack (he may not be super excited about this but it's a full-sized backpack so his papers coming from school won't be squished anymore), a few games (Snakes & Ladders, Curious George matching, and Bingo), Squirt got a cool car-run thing (like a marble run but with little car-type guys), felt monsters (made by me to go with their Noisy Monster book). But most of all they got spoiled by the time and attention from my family. My dad kept feeding them chocolate and crackers...:) My mom let them play on her iPad and iPhone; she took Squirt for a walk. The aunts were great with their time and playing. And everyone was so patient with my Moose when things got a little overwhelming for him (we didn't prepare him for what Christmas would look like well...or at all). Poor guy, just had a hard time. I think he liked staying in the hotel, though (that's my boy!).

Overall, I had the best time with my family. I always wish it were longer. I went Christmas light looking with my mom and sisters - we laughed and talked and took silly pictures. It was really fun and I wish we got to do things like that more often. Life is good and I adore spending time with them.

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Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed having all of you home for Christmas. As for moose and squirt. They act like any other 2-4 yr old at that time of year. We all have meltdowns even the old people.

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