Monday, December 5, 2011

do you ever wonder?

I'm listening to my "Alabama station" on pandora radio. I love "old" country music (thinking 80s and 90s although I do enjoy some music older than that) that I listened to growing up. My mom loves country music (or at least used to) - my dad was more of an oldies fan back then (CCR, the Doors). My sister, Amber, and I loved country music. George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, Reba, Dolly Parton, the Judds.

As I was listening to "Straight Tequila Night" I was just transported back to my bedroom growing up. Our red bunkbeds. Learning to line dance at Aunt Karrie's house. Watching CMT and the Wildhorse Saloon. "Dust on the Bottle," "Fancy," "Romeo," "When You Say Nothing At All," 8 Seconds, Pure Country. Garth Brooks before Chris Gains.

Do you ever wonder how it is our brains can listen to something, smell something, see something and it just triggers that memory?? Why? Why did God give us these receptors that transmit memories? Oh I'm so thankful to Him for them. Even when sometimes those things trigger unpleasant memories, there are always the good ones to go back to.

These are the moments I love. I don't live in the past (far from it!) but I enjoy walking down Memory Lane, especially when it involves my sisters.

Disclaimer: not paid by pandora or endorsed by them or anything. I just like the website and have really enjoyed listening to Christmas music (to my tastes) and today, country music.


Jas said...

this is funny cause i was just listening to 80's radio on pandora!!

Jessica Heights said...

Moments like that are so much fun!

Liz Owen said...

I have moments like that. Every time I hear "Friends in Low Places" I remember my dad taking me to the bus stop every morning! Thanks for leaving a comment on my guest post at Scary Mommy!

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