Saturday, December 3, 2011

Attune Foods (review)

Attune Foods has been around (in one way, shape, or form) since 1908!! That's further back that many of us can trace our genealogy! Uncle Sam cereal was introduced in that year, followed by other companies that were bought out by other companies over their history. Finally, Attune Foods acquired Uncle Sam, Erewhon, New Morning, and Skinner's in 2009. This new collaboration of companies now brings you "Simple, pure ingredients that help you feel your best every day."

Attune Foods has two types of gluten-free products: Erewhon cereals and attune probiotic bars. We ate the brown rice with mixed berries, strawberry-crisp, and rice twice cereals. I really appreciate that these cereals tasted good. I ate each one and enjoyed them. The strawberry crisp is reminiscent of Special K with strawberries and the other two cereals remind me of rice krispies (one with mixed berries in it). The rice twice even makes the nice popping sounds!

Moose did not care for the mixed berry or strawberry cereals; I think it was just odd for him to have fruit in his cereal. He'd never had cereals like that previously, so just something different, not bad. Like I said, our family liked the cereal. We'll be buying this cereal again - probably more for Big A & myself than the boys.

The Erewhon cereals we ate are made in a peanut-free, tree nut-free, and dairy-free facility. Like I said, they are also gluten free. They are USDA Organic**, Kosher, Non-GMO*** and made with 14g of whole grains*.

*The strawberry crisp has 14g whole grains, mixed berry and rice twice cereals are 21g of 100% whole grains
**Strawberry crisp is USDA Organic
***Mixed berry & rice twice cereals are Non-GMO.

Disclaimer: I received these products at no cost in order to facilitate an honest review. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) with the products and/or company as I had. All information about ingredients, certifications, and history of the company is from the Attune Foods website.

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