Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordful Wednesday - A Thanksgiving Feast

Moose's class had a Thanksgiving Feast on Monday. It was more than I expected. For Halloween and last year's Valentine's parties we had snacks but this truly was a feast. Turkey, mashed potatoes (with gravy), buttery corn, buttered rolls, and pumpkin pie! Yum.
Before feasting we read a book about a moose family (how appropriate for our Moose) who invited a turkey to Thanksgiving not as Thanksgiving dinner. Very cute. Then our feast, which was good! Squirt didn't eat his corn and Moose didn't eat his turkey - this mama was happy to eat the rest of theirs. Then we did the Turkey Trot (not a 5K, although I wouldn't have minded) - a dance.

I'm kind of sad. Moose will be moving to the afternoon class next semester. He has started to not take naps during the day and his teacher had asked me awhile ago if we wanted to try the afternoon class. It's a smaller class, so a lot less chaos, and she thinks he'll thrive there. But I have quite a few friends in the morning class parenting line up so it'll be different. However, I also have friends in the afternoon. It will just change our dynamic. Spend mornings together, then eat an earlier lunch, then send Moose off to school at noon while Squirt takes his afternoon nap. I think it will work well for us.

Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving folks! Many blessings around your table.

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