Friday, November 18, 2011

testing, testing, 1 2 3 - anyone out there?

I would apologize for not blogging for awhile but I am so not sure who is still reading (I know I have more blog stalkers than comments!). It's been quite the week. Today is Day #3 of watching 2 extra boys. Phew am I worn out! I don't know how you mamas of 4 do it.

Last night at MOPS, I had to take both boys since Big A had a basketball game. Moose seemed SO excited about it, but both boys acted like crazy fools who had never heard the word "stop" or "follow directions" before. After (finally) getting Squirt into his room, he was fine the rest of the evening (ten big thumbs up, man!). Moose was so good after switching him rooms at the beginning (from one of structure to one of playing)...for about half the time. I tried my best to stay calm (and according to one eye witness, I looked the part) but my insides were just furious! Long story short, I come home and cried. The best part of my evening was the drive home - neither boy made so much as a squeak until we pulled into our parking spot. After they were in bed, the hubby and I bummed and watched House.

Do you ever just have those days, those moments when it seems like everyone else has their kids under control and you don't? Those are the times I just wonder if I'm totally failing at this motherhood job. I had some seriously sweet friends on Facebook assure me I'm a good mom and their kids do the same thing (which I think they lie about but I appreciate them trying to make me feel better), but I just didn't feel it in the moment.

I was happy that I kept my temper (I didn't even spank them...even though I did take Moose to the bathroom once & I'm sure everyone thought I did...and I thought about it but handled it better). Today I've done well staying calm too. Maybe God really is shaping me into the calm woman I'd like to be - it also helps I've been totally relying on Him!!

Happy weekend!


heathandjennifer said...

You are a fabulous mom and you handled everything so well. When Miss K is older and has her moments, I hope I can stay as collected as you did. You may have been flustered inside, but you certainly didn't show it on the outside! Hang in there girlie!

Miranda said...

I thought you did just fine!! I know exactly what you're talking about.. some days I feel so frazzled!!!

Me said...

We all only look like we have it together. No one actually does. Motherhood is hard. You're fantastic. Promise. ;)

Studied to be a Mommy said...

Don't feel bad Randi. You haven't been around my kids, but I ASSURE you that they (especially Avery) can be super crazy and frustrating. I actually had a family member recently ask Jeff if he thought Avery was hyperactive and maybe needed to be medicated! They meant it out of love, but it's just who he is, he gets caught up in what he's doing and has a hard time stopping to listen. Just keep doing what you're doing and be as consistent as possible, and eventually they will learn (at least I hope mine will!).

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