Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Last night we got our first snow fall of the season. It had rained for a few days prior (I was thinking about praying to Noah to see if I could borrow his ark) then the flakes started as I was coming home from the gym last night. This morning it was a slick winter wonderland as I headed to Bible study.

I think snow is amazing when you see it from your kids' perspectives. Moose knows snow - loves it! All he wants to do is walk in it, run in it. After school today, I taught him to make snow angels. That brought him much joy. Moose also enjoyed our snow ball "fight" - I threw some snow at him (which he loved!) and he picked up some and chucked it at me. Even got me a few times. This is my polar bear.

Squirt is another story. It's cold and wet. He dislikes it much. He's interested enough to touch it, maybe walk in it. But he always ends up whining and wanting to be picked up. Squirt is definitely a sun bear; he enjoys the nice weather and warm temperatures.

I love to watch how they just look outside. Their minds say, 'hey this stuff wasn't here yesterday.' All wide-eyed and excited (or maybe nervous) about playing in it.

I don't like snow. It's cold and wet (sound like someone else?). But I used to play in it...for hours. My hands would be stiff and achy, even in my big ol' gloves! I'd gear up in layers of clothing topped off by my snow pants & heavy coat, boots, gloves. I loved to sled down this ditch near my house (I didn't grow up in a hilly community). I'd go out there, even by myself.

I wonder when I started to dislike the snow and stopped remembering how amazing it is. Do you remember or do you still enjoy the snow?

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