Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my newest skill: pie making

pumpkin for our dinner with Anthony's aunt & uncle

an apple our dinner with Anthony's aunt & uncle
Angus Black Chess Pie just because

two apples for Thanksgiving - crumb & lattice

triple layer chocolate pumpkin for Thanksgiving

oatmeal raisin for Thanksgiving

mini pumpkins because I had leftover stuff
the only one I missed a picture of was my pumpkin but it looked like a pumpkin pie. I got to try each of these except the triple layer chocolate pumpkin (the 3rd layer is that white sweetened sour cream - really good). I'll just have to make it again (and eat it myself bc Big A wasn't so fond).

I spent about 8 hours on my feet the Friday after Thanksgiving making pies. I learned a good lesson - wear shoes. My feet hurt terribly for a few days afterward. But I enjoyed every second of pie-baking. I learned I don't like pre-baked crusts (or at least need pointers on it). I learned to read the whole recipe first and get all of your ingredients out (more counter space would help this tremendously).


Matt + Kait said...

I'm impressed!!!! :)

Stacey said...

Wow!!! You're the pie queen! I'm really not great at making pies. My crust never seems to turn out right. Maybe I need some lessons from you :)

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