Tuesday, November 1, 2011

drumroll please...

Although the boys did the local business' trick-or-treat as Mario and Luigi...

That night, Moose decided to become Mickey Mouse.

Mickey's costume? My tights (lace on the bottom...so thankful he doesn't know that's a girl thing), his shorts, his 3T (yes 3T!) Mickey Mouse jacket with ears, and my black t-shirt. Thank goodness for a non-picky kid!

And, consequently, I become Minnie Mouse.

Squirt looked like a strange kid with a mustache because he refused to wear his hat for Moose's Halloween party at school. But the dirt cake was delicious!

Moose thinks he is really Mickey Mouse, playing the piano here.

And here's our family ensemble. Mario & Mickey, Minnie & Luigi. 
Luigi didn't make it far trick-or-treating.
3 falls on the sidewalk wiped him out (pun intended).
Mario took him home & put him to plumber's slumber.

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Jesse and Teresa said...

Ha! Love the costumes :) Jesse and I both had a good laugh over the strange kid with a mustache...too cute!

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