Saturday, October 29, 2011

weekend warrior

Today my better half is at the Husker football game. Leaving me to hold down the fort and keep the children alive. So basically, this has merely added another week day to my week and taken a weekend day from my weekend. Ugh.

Oh well. It's been a fairly productive day. We made it to the library for some computer time...and discipline time when the sharing of the computer wasn't working out so well. The park was played at for about 5 minutes until the rumbly in my tumbly was audible. Leftover Subway for lunch was good enough for me and edible enough for the boys who ate it with a voracity. Not out of hunger but out of desire to watch Disney Sing Along Songs - Disneyland Fun.

Naps have been interesting. I sat down to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with the McPhail family. Tear jerker about a family with 2 autistic sons. My mascara is now on the sleeves of my sweatshirt instead of my eye lashes. I still have Part 2 to watch but it may have to wait.

Moose didn't go to sleep immediately; he likes to "read" a little first (sounds familiar). Squirt was out but kept hacking up a lung. I took him some honey...I think that woke him up. Now he is awake and out of his crib after trying to pull Moose out of his slumber with "Bubba, Bubba, wake up, wake up" and a whole other slew of phrases that were unintelligible. Now Squirt's lung is being hacked up down here.

At least he's happy. Today has been a struggle for me to enjoy. I'm reading "The Most Important Place on Earth" - super good book. Very challenging for me, too. I want that home that everyone wants to enjoy, that feels like home, that my family feels safe and nurtured in. Today my attitude is not in sync. I think I need some ice cream...or a bag of chips would do, too. Preferably salty sour cream and onion ones. This Halloween candy crap isn't the right palate for today.

Moose has also decided he doesn't want to be Mario for Halloween or his school Halloween party anymore. He wants to be Mickey Mouse. So red shorts with white pieces of paper for buttons, black pants (or my black tights...not sure yet) underneath. My black shirt with his 3T (yes 3T on my 5T sized boy) Mickey Mouse jacket (ears on the hood) underneath. A black nose and I think we're set. I'm so thankful he's not very picky. And my husband had better not forget to stop by my friends' house after the football game to pick up her Minnie Mouse costume.

OK Squirt needs a playmate. Bye.

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