Monday, October 10, 2011

Tips for Drivers (from a runner)

1. Please look both ways when turning. Perhaps that seems simple, but you would be surprised how many people look the way they are turning only.

2. Don't just look for vehicles. Unless it's your plan to hit a pedestrian, please be on the look out for runners, walkers, bicyclists.

3. Use your blinker! It really would help me (and other drivers) to know which way you're turning or if you are turning at all.
I'd still love for you to use your turn signal, this is just funny.

4. Don't stare. It's called running. It's been around in popularity since the 70s. And if you're from my town, you've seen me out before. Wave or smile!

5. This is a yield sign. Yield. And remember, pedestrians (aka runners and walkers...not sure about bicyclists but I would yield to them) have the right-of-way! So that means you may have to stop. But at least LOOK!

6. This is a stop sign. Stop (for yielding, see #5). While there's not really a certain amount of seconds you are to stop for, I was taught in driver's ed that 5 seconds gives you enough time to come to a COMPLETE stop (not a ROLLING stop!).

7. Get over if you can! If no one is coming in the opposite direction, get over. You don't need to run me over, promise. We won't get this kind of publicity, like Reese did.

Basically, use your common sense! I know that sometimes that is put on hold in this crazy world, but I'd appreciate not being ran over. I've had some close calls - people not moving over on the road, people getting CLOSER to me on the road, people not watching before they turn or after they stop, people taking turns WAY too wide, etc. It's frustrating.

Just because you're in a vehicle doesn't mean that you're invisible!! Driving a vehicle is truly a big responsibility and if you hit someone, there are awful repercussions for that.

Watch out and be careful.


Jen said...


Sarah Grecco said...

THIS POST ROCKS! Can you please make this into a PSA!!??

You and your family are so stinkin cute!

Get Up & Go

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog! I absolutely LOVE it!! I'll definitely be stopping by again :)

Ericka Andersen said...

Hi Randi...just saw your comment on my blog. Your blog is it, adding to Google Reader! I'm glad you found me. This particular post is very pertinent, so I'm glad you covered it! Sounds like we have a lot in common, looking forward to readin more!

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Another Mom on the Run said...

I love this post (especially after having a ridiculous intersection encounter with a driver who made eye contact with me, then SPED UP so that he wouldn't have to yield). Definitely needs to be a PSA :)

Dee said...

These are fantastic and something everyone needs to read. :)

~Pam~ said...

Great post Randi! :-)

Hope you have a nice weekend!


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