Monday, October 17, 2011

hair cut & day #1 of Frumps to Pumps

 I got my haircut on Friday (day before pictures) and I love it! The bangs were a little scary but I really really love them. They make me feel very girlie! And I love how they look with my ponytail.

I also gave the boys haircuts...not great ones, but free ones. You can see how uneven Squirt's is but Moose's is only really bad in the back. It looks like a bowl cut and then I went a little too close with the trimmers in the back of his neck. Oops. Good first try. I'm so thankful they don't care.

I'm also linking up with Sarah Mae (Like a Warm Cup of Coffee) for her Frumps to Pumps Challenge. A year ago (or more than that?) she did a getting dressed challenge that I also participated in. I do well most of the time getting dressed. I may not do my make up or hair but my outfit is usually picked out. My why for this challenge is to: complete the look (hair & make-up), think about my husband, and just feel good about myself and my outfit choices (instead of second guessing and thinking I look fat, etc). So here's my outfit today.

excuse the dirty mirror; apparently I need to read my 31 Days to Clean!
orange tank top: second hand store
blue long-sleeve top: hand-me-down from my sister, I think
jeans: Vanity (garage sale!)
no shoes...I'm wearing my slippers today. It's cold!
The Get Dressed Challenge!

If you, too, want to link up and stop the frump (!!) go here to link up (there are giveaways, too, if that helps).


Anonymous said...

This is very cute on you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I had actually come across your blog the other day (can't remember now how I found it, maybe from Erin's) I'm doing the Get Dressed challenge too, but won't post any pictures until Friday. Your hair cut looks great!

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