Friday, October 21, 2011

God's fun

I'm reading a book called "God's Blogs" by Lanny Donoho. It's pretty funny and cute, although it has made me tear up a few times (and I'm not that far into it). One thing it made me think about last night before bed was....

I'll bet God had so much FUN creating the universe and everything on Earth.

We always (or at least I usually) think of God as this stoic Zeus-looking guy, but He obviously isn't all stoic or we wouldn't have laughter, smiles, joy, happiness and so many beautiful things. God is a Creator, we know that, but truly an Artist.

I think about watching an artist choose the colors and mix his paint. I have not an artistic bone in my body but I love to watch others paint. Even little kids get such joy out of creating chaos on paper. But God had a plan - a beautiful plan. He created the stars, the planets, the particles that make up the atmosheres (ours and other planets').

I really don't create much. I scrapbook here and there, and even that brings me happiness. I like to put things together that look beautiful. When I've delicately applied my eye makeup and it looks just can that compare to the happiness, pure happiness that God MUST have felt when He created birds, bugs, dinosaurs, elephants, giraffes. And I know He got a kick out of pandas. Think about how much joy we individually get from differing animals (obviously I love me some pandas)! God made those creatures! Out of nothing!

It's one thing to paint a picture using watercolors or oils. To make a scrapbook out of embellishments or using shutterfly. But to make those things out of nada, zilch, zip. How awesome! How AWE-some.

It makes me happy to think of God as creating and laughing and even tears of joy streaming down His face as He creates. As He plans for you. For me. He smiles this great smile of love as He writes our name in His book of life. He loves us before He created us. He thought of us as He placed the stars in the sky, the sand on the beach, the water in the rivers. There is such beauty in this world. Such extreme craftsmanship in the mountains, the plains, the oceans, the deserts. Flowers, trees, shrubs, weeds, vegetables, fruit....think about how many kinds of flowers there are. God made each, created each, has a purpose for each.

Anyway, just a little blurb in my head I wanted to share. But doesn't the thought of God happy, make you happy?

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