Thursday, September 22, 2011

date night

Had a date night with this kid while the other two went fishing. Learned a few things.

1. We cannot divorce. Ever. Not because God says not to (ok that too) but we couldn't separate these kids from one another or their daddy. Squirt threw a HUGE fit when I drove off with just him and not his Bubba or Gaga (Moose or Daddy).

2. The local tanning place/cafe/movie rental place (yes, you read correctly, that's how we roll in Northeastern Kansas) makes delicious blueberry scone-things.

3. I love him so much! Ok I didn't need a reminder but it was nice to have a date, even when we have one 4 days a week when Moose is at school.

Ok My husband just called me from upstairs, so it's time for bed. ha!


Anonymous said...

Where they happy to see each other?

EmmaP said...

#2 made me laugh. I am trying to picture a place like this. lol.

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