Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Biggest Loser

If you've known me for awhile, you know that I love (LOVE) The Biggest Loser. We started watching in 2007, off and on Season 3 & 4. I remember watching Caroline Rhea as host but not much else about the season; I don't even remember Kim as a trainer. The next year, we really got in to Season 5 (the one with Ali Vincent as the first female winner). And from there I've been hooked!

Big A says I always get very involved in what I watch. It's true. I get really freaked out by scary movies because I'm so in to them. I get very much into The Biggest Loser in the same way; I just have my favorites and I want them to win. I dislike when something is unfair or someone is rude. I'm the sucker with my mouth wide open at a "shocker" that Big A saw coming a mile away.

All that to say, I was psyched when Amy & Marty Wolff from BL Season 3. I didn't watch Season 3 but they were on last year's Thanksgiving recap episode. I've read articles about them. So I wasn't as emotionally as involved but I was excited. THEN imagine my excitement when I see that Daniel Wright from Seasons 7 & 8 walking up to the stage at the spaghetti dinner the night before my half marathon over the weekend. THEN I got more excited as I saw Rebecca Meyer from Season 8 alongside! Rebecca was one of my favorites, eliminated Week 10 (I had to look this up to verify but I knew basically she went a long way). I loved the pink team of Amanda & Rebecca. So I was grinning like a little child in a candy store when they were up there talking.

I even won a little prize! They had a few prizes to give away. First question was which reality show has the most relationships attached to it. Of course, my hand was up first. It was Biggest Loser. I won a half-pound bag of runner's granola. I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited. It also showed who the biggest Biggest Loser freak was there: me!

Then they signed autographs afterward. I went up to talk. I got Rebecca's & Daniel's autographs. I would have talked to them forever (so nice), but there were other people who thought they needed to talk to them, too (read my sarcastic tone but really I could have talked forever).

Marty & Amy, me, Rebecca & Daniel

I hugged Rebecca & Daniel - seriously they were very inspiring to me as I was on my weight loss journey shortly after their season aired. It meant a lot to me to talk to them and get to meet them. I didn't realize until I got home later that they are a couple - fun! They all ran the 10K the next day; I ran by Daniel long enough to say hi. And then I saw them after we'd finished (I'll write a recap of the race this week, no worries) and said hi again. Rebecca gave me a hug and told me congratulations. For real, she was so nice! I could be friends with that girl.

Anyway, this was such a big treat for me. I will be smiling for a long time about this, promise.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing for you and Alyson. I'm don't now if I say this enough but I'm so proud of you not only for your weight lose but for how you have grown into a great mom, wife and person. I have always thought these thing about you. Kind,caring,thoughtful and above all a wonderful daughter.

Matt + Kait said...

So fun to meet people the inspire you!!! Matt and I were at a conference this past weekend, and got the chance to briefly meet some people we are inspired by, and it is just an awesome experience! =)

Theresa said...

That is great! I love that they are a couple :)
I just got off my Gazelle. I haven't exercised in the longest. I actually gained back all the weight I lost two years ago plus some. So now I have 50 lbs. to lose. I am hoping watching BL will get me going again. I love that show.

Run with Jess said...

What an opportunity! I'm a huge BL fan too... been watching intently from season 2 on. Must admit, I miss Jillian though...

Stacey said...

How cool is that!!! By the way, you're awesome. Just thought I'd tell you that :)

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