Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Out of a Far Country by Christopher and Angela Yuan (book review)

Out of a Far Country is the journey of two prodigals: a mother and son, finding their way to the love of the Lord. Angela Yuan was in a loveless, lifeless marriage with rebellious sons. She was so lost and felt so alone that she was {  } this close to committing suicide. Then she started to read a pamphlet about Jesus and how much He loved her. As Angela began to live for the Lord, her prayers turned to her wayward son, Christopher. Chris was living a homosexual and drug dealer's lifestyle. His description of his life just breaks a mother's heart!!

As the book takes you through years of this family's life, I am astounded by the prayer life of Angela - for a redemption of a broken home. The Lord proved that He works miracles by answering her prayers. Angela spent much time on her knees in despair for her life - and not a second was wasted! I love hearing stories of redemption and the power of prayer! I think too often we are too focused on DIY and self-help that we forget that there are things we cannot fix, but the Ultimate Healer can!

I recommend this book to anyone with a prodigal child, who is or was a prodigal, and anyone wanting to minister to those dealing with drugs, homosexuality, or in prison. I couldn't put this book down! It was amazing, truly.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Water Brook Multnomah Publishing Group in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) with the product and/or company as I've had.


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thanks for sharing - I saw a link on FB from Christopher Yuan....

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~Pam~ said...

I have been wanting to read this book. Thank you for the review..I know now that I must get it!!
God bless you and your family.

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