Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God's promises

"God has so many promises for us. But one thing He didn't promise. Nowhere in Scripture did He promise me a baby. He has not let me down. It's good to desire a baby. But I cannot demand it of Him. Children are a blessing, but they are not promised to us individually. You do not receive blessings because you're a good person or because you earn them. They just come."

I got this quote from an article, "The Bible and the Pain of Infertility" by Kimberly Monroe and Philip Monroe out of The Journal of Biblical Counseling (Winter 2005). A friend gave me this article and it's really good! I have personally learned some of the insight about the grieving process of infertility through another friend who experiences it. But that's not what I gleaned from this article.

No, this quote resonated with me because of my desire to buy a house. God has promises for me, but He has never promised me a house individually. And you can put whatever your heart desires at this moment in that place. Blessings come (and sometimes go) but they aren't bestowed on us because of our good deeds or good hearts - they just come. Couples who experience infertility deal with this when unfit people have the blessing of children (one look into our foster care system will tell you that blessings are not bestowed necessarily on those who are good people).

To an extent (a small extent), we can all understand that God's blessings flow where they may. If you're single and want a husband or wife - God hasn't specifically promised you Mr. or Mrs. Right. If you don't have a job, God hasn't promised you a CEO position (or even a manual labor position). If you're like me and really want to buy a house, God hasn't specifically promised you (or me) a house to buy - heck, or even a rental! God has blessings for us and He has promised us some things, but individual blessings, not necessarily.

I just thought this was a good perspective to keep. God still loves me (never stopped) and I still love Him (never stopped). He is always good, even when He is mysterious and especially when life is unfair or complex. Take heart in the blessings you do have (and I will, too).

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