Tuesday, July 19, 2011

surviving summer

Wow! It's been hot here! I had a friend ask me before church how I keep my two boys entertained during the day. Made me think about it, for sure, so I thought I'd share my ideas.

- We head to the park early (8-10am)
- We hit the air conditioned library
- I had the boys hit the thrift store with me (I shopped for clothes, they played in the toys)
- They play trains, cars - the norm around here
- We have a great easel that we put to good use (thanks Jaesi!)
- watercolor paints (thanks Gina!) - although to be honest, my boys paint one picture and are done but it helps a lot
- read books - lots and lots of books. Don't like reading kid books? Read them what you're reading! The Bible, a magazine. As long as it's not inappropriate, they are all words to them.
- bounce house/ball pit (thanks Mom and Amber!)
- some time this week I'm going to pull out the slip n' slide in the evening; we have some great shade in the early evening.
- Audio books - get CDs from your library and rip them to your computer.

My boys don't do dress up except once in a great while Moose wants to "be Superman." We don't have a lot of pretend going on around here - Moose doesn't show (and Squirt doesn't yet show) that sort of imagination that a lot of kids have.

I'll be honest, Moose sits often and sucks his thumb (and pulls it out when told to only to promptly stick it back in his mouth). They are self-entertaining but they don't "do" a lot. It works for us.


Dee said...

Hey!! :) Thanks for stopping by. I have been so busy and haven't had a lot of time to visit, but I need to change that. These are great ideas-it is SOOOO hot out! :)

Honey Mommy said...

I wish my kids were a little more self-entertaining. They do really well playing together, but are so loud that their little sister doesn't get much sleep!

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