Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a soft answer turns away wrath

-Proverbs 15:1

Moose learned this verse awhile ago. I know it speaks volumes of truth. I know that I have a temper and I let it flare - at my boys, my husband, myself, and (if I'm being honest) with God at times, oh and those random strangers (specifically drivers).

Our pastor let the truth flow from his lips. Hear this great sermon about Anger Management here. Truly God has not only gifted Charlie with the gift of being a great speaker and charismatic man, but He has blessed him with the ability to really share God's Word and be a shepherd to his congregation.

I'll share 5 of his 4 points (I missed the first one having a wonderful talk with a couple of friends prior to the service).

1. Practicing unoffendability (yes, he realizes this is not a real word) limits anger. Proverbs 19:11
Basically when you get over yourself, you have more patience. And impatience is often brought about by pride.
We can see the unoffendable nature of God in Exodus 34:6-7 and Micah 7:18.

2. Anger can be addictive.
Proverbs 19:19 - I see this addictiveness in myself. When I'm hollering (ok, yelling) at my boys, it just goes on and on until I stop that cycle.

4. Jealousy is the angry desire to keep what we posses. Proverbs 27:3-4
I'm reminded of a time when I was first dating Big A. We were going to our friends' house and some drunk guy came up with his friend to talk to us (we lived in a very small college town where drunk people walking around on weekends was not a novelty). He put his arm around me and then introduced himself to Big A. Big A let his temper flare and shook this guy's hand so hard...I'm sure he didn't remember why his hand hurt so much the next day but I'm sure it hurt.

5. Remember that you become like those you let influence you. Proverbs 22:24
Big A has a great ability to influence his non-Christian friends without letting them influence him. I really need to watch myself because if I'm around women who nitpick or are just gossipy, I will follow that. I used to at least, I think I would be able to not do those things. The one thing I've always been able to do is not bad-mouth my husband when the husband-bashing comes about. I have no reason to, first of all, my husband is a good man and a great dad/husband. But also, even if I had reason, I don't need to air faults - I wouldn't want mine aired around. It's not healthy for a marriage when that happens.

6. Anger is more than just an emotional response. It's the setting of the atmosphere around your life that oppresses those around you. Ephesians 4:26
I was initially reminded of the little boy that was lost a few weeks back that I brought home. I thought about how he kept saying how angry his mom would be. Made me sad, but then humbled when I realize that if my boys could talk some days, that's exactly what they would say about me. Definitely a humbling realization about myself.

Charlie concluded by saying that in order to have a self-controlled life, we need to lead a Spirit-filled/controlled life. He says it much better than I but the point is the same. Sometimes as Christians we make excuses, saying we just aren't filled with the Spirit today. He is not a liquid to be poured but a being that either dwells in us or doesn't.

I have the power to overcome my sins I struggle with : cursing and anger (which go hand-in-hand). I do. And you have that same power if the Holy Spirit dwells in you! Isn't that amazing?


Linda said...

That whole "atmosphere" thing got to me. I have lived near an atmosphere of anger for 27 years and I see now how it has affected me. I didn't grow up that way and it grieves me to see how much you can change. Then again, my dad always warned me "you get like those you live with".

Stacey said...

Looking at number 5 from a different perspective... my kids model the behavior they see in me. I have heard Bria yelling at Rowan sooo many times now, and I need to fix that!

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