Friday, July 1, 2011

how did we get to 4??

Happy birthday, Moose!!

My firstborn, my pal.
I have seen you grow so much this past year.
Thank you for being so easily teachable and working SO hard!
newborn baby Moose, only 3 days old!
 Life is going to be challenging for you,
but I know that you are ready.
You are such a sweet boy;
always ready with a hug or up for a "snuggle party." 
1-year-old Moose cruising to pick up chicks
My gentle giant
(who isn't always so gentle with his brother)
my musician
my lover of water, cars, trains, and food.
2-year-old Moose with his beautiful curls
You have brought so much to my life;
thank you so much, Lord, for this boy.
Life is so much fuller with joy
and love and hope.
3-year-old Moose showing his beautiful smile!
I love you, kiddo. 

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Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Tristan!!!

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