Friday, June 10, 2011

not for the weak stomached

My friend, Cori, wrote a post about her daughter's huge puking experience and said she just doesn't have the stomach for that. Well, I normally don't have the stomach...a really bad diaper can leave me gagging.

BUT when we moved to Lincoln (after our stint in Virginia), we stayed at a friends' house. They fed us really yummy fish and we all went to bed. Their apt. was really hot, too (this was in the summer and they are skinny people so I think my family just sweats more), and one of those reasons (fish or heat) made Moose puke his guts out.

I had been up reading late with a flashlight on one couch. Moose was across the room on another couch. Big A was on the floor on an air mattress. They were both asleep (this was well past 12am). I heard this weird sound and it took me a split second to realize it was Moose puking/gagging. He was laying on his back - he was about 20 months old at this point but for whatever reason continued to lay on his back while he puked. Ugh.

I rolled him over (so he puked on their couch - gross) and then picked him up to rush him to the bathroom. Normally, I can't handle gross puke like this - especially fish-smelling gross puke. For whatever reason, this really affected Big A this night. He thought he was going to puke, too. I was thinking, 'for real?' but held my little Moose over the toilet.

He's shaking, poor guy, just in tears. I can't imagine how a child must feel when they puke. They've forgotten about the last time they puked (which had been many months for Moose...probably since he was 8 months old!) so then this stuff just starts coming up! Must be terrifying. I pick him up and hold him (all covered in puke and all) while I take him to their full bathroom upstairs.

I climb in the shower fully clothed with him...I didn't want our friends to walk in on us at this late hour. Weird. So I tried to clean us up the best I could but we still smelled like fish-smelling gross puke. Big A and I decided to take him to the ER (Moose had a pretty high temp, too, like 103-104?) and we let our friends know.

We called our insurance company while we drove to the ER and found out that they probably wouldn't cover a trip - or they weren't sure if they would. I can't remember exactly but we decided to not take Moose to the ER. We felt bad enough that Moose had puked all over our friends' apartment, so we didn't want to call them (this was 4am by this point) to wake them to let us back in, so we just slept in the car (no van at this point). Well, they slept. I didn't sleep. I smelled like fish-smelling gross puke. I couldn't sleep in a car with that smell and a baby growing inside my belly. Too uncomfortable.

The next day we moved into our new apartment. But I was so proud of myself for not throwing up the night before and keeping myself strong enough to take care of my son when he needed me. So most of the time (especially when I'm pregnant) I don't have the stomach for puke and sometimes poop, but that night I did.


Cori said...

This is kind of a horror story! I can't imagine. Puke it difficult enough, but being pregnant too? That really was good for you!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Oh yuck! I don't like having to deal with puke either and especially not while pregnant. Sounds like you handled it very well.


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