Friday, June 10, 2011

my weekend post written while Squirt plays with trains & in the midst of packing...

his head looks huge LOL but he was leaning forward, in his defense. And he's still adorable!

 This weekend Big A & I are running our first race of the season: a half marathon. I'm nervous, as always, and excited. The weather should be pretty cool (in comparison to the heat we had last week), the route should be flat (!!!!), and so the wind is the only unknown factor. Any way, I'm hoping that with the flatness of it, I should be able to run a little faster than I have lately.

Moose is doing really well in his "summer" school 2x a week. He always says he has fun, so that's good. It's funny, he eats breakfast here, goes there at 8:15 and has another breakfast. I'm ok with it because he normally has a morning snack and they don't there. So then we just eat an earlier lunch for him when he comes home. And I still have 2 days a week to just spend with Squirt - not that today means much as I've been packing for the weekend all morning. I hate packing. I'm always afraid I'll forget something important.
Squirt kept balancing on Big A and Big A taught him to say "ta da" and lift his arms, but I wasn't quick enough to catch that. So cute.

We're thinking about getting a second evaluation for Moose. We just feel like the 45 minute test he "took" that was evaluated by one doctor & 3 med students is weird when we've had friends who have gone to a different hospital for evaluations. There they have a comprehensive evaluation: developmental pediatrician, speech therapist, OT, PT, psychologist, and med students AND it takes up to 3 hours, not 45 minutes. Why do I just feel like we got jipped?! If my son is going to have something as serious as autism, I want a comprehensive test! Not that I doubt the diagnosis, but ... honestly, I had a speech therapist the other day (who had done her clinicals doing autism evaluations) say that she was surprised his diagnosis wasn't Asperger's. And I was expecting PDD-NOS just based on things I'd read that he didn't fit the autism "mold" so to speak. Not that I know anything about diagnostics but I want him to have the correct one so we can get him the correct help and therapy.

Reading the Carolyn Jessop novel "Escape." Very good. Scary. I thanked my husband the other night for not being a polygamist. ha! However, not quite as compelling as "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan. Oh I adore Francis Chan! But wow, what a look at the Holy Spirit - and it tied so well into what we're learning in our Sunday School class. I loved it.


Linda said...

You are a wonderful mom who advocates for her child very well. Do what it takes to be satisfied or you will kick yourself later.

Have a fun run!

Stacey said...

You know your child best :) Sometimes they can be a bit "off" when in front of other people, and so I'm sure that making a diagnosis is hard. Keep pushing if you need more help! It will totally be worth every effort you put it, and like I've said before, your little man is soooo lucky to have you for a Mama!

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