Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giggle Junction & I Spy Bag review

Awhile back, I was at my friend Kara's house playing having a playdate. Of course, Squirt acted as if their toys were way cooler than ours at home (which they are!) and he pulled out this bag full of little bean-like things with other small items inside. I asked Kara what it was and she said that another friend uses them for her kids during church. Something quiet to play with.

These I Spy bags immediately caught my attention and I have been wanting one for my boys since. I am so blessed to have worked with Giggle Junction on this review. She makes adorable I Spy bags!!! There are so many I think are cute: Lightning McQueen (probably would have sparked Moose's attention more), turtle ones, this cute cell phone/texting one, and these cute party packs!

 I think the party packs are a great idea - you can get one larger I Spy Bag & 8 mini bags. Perfect for birthday parties or classroom parties. They have princess, fireman, sand castles, Toy Story, and custom party packs. I would have loved to do this for my boys - the party packs are about $47 each (more for custom orders). Not a bad price, but I know my family can't spend that much on favors. Some day!

We were sent an Elmo bag - so cute. Squirt doesn't really understand to find the items on the laminated tag attached to the bag. He just hums the Elmo's World theme song or makes a Cookie Monster noise. These toys probably aren't made for under 2 - there is a warning tag for choking - small items. This is really well-sewn so I'm not concerned about that at all, though. That being said, most toys with small parts aren't developmentally made for young young kids. Perhaps your child would pick it up, though!

To be honest, I hoped Moose would really understand this toy and that he has to find the little trinkets inside. He doesn't really. He'll watch me do it, but I think the fine motor makes it difficult for him. However, I plan to keep playing with it myself until he can do it himself. It does its job to keep him a little quiet while watching me.

I am really hoping that my boys end up taking to this. I think it's great for fine motor skills, coordination, problem solving. It's a challenge. I have only found the penny in there once! I still think I Spy bags are the bee's knees, if you will. Just a great idea for children - or even adults really. You could really work your own problem solving skills trying to find all of the trinkets inside.

Please check out Giggle Junction for your next birthday party or event that needs a gift. This is a great, simple gift - parents will thank you for not getting their child something that requires batteries and makes lots of noises and sounds. Really.

Disclaimer: I received an Elmo I Spy bag in order to facilitate an honest review. I received no monetary compensation. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) that I've had with the company and/or product.

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