Sunday, June 5, 2011

DOWT & some misc.

Day Out With Thomas was so much fun! The boys had a blast...although we had some tears (darn you bounce house and not getting to see Sir Toppham Hatt). I promise I will write more once I get pictures off of my camera (so next weekend).

But I did want to let you know about another opportunity to help out in Joplin, MO. TDM Wendy is hosting a Shop for Jop on her blog, so go here to check it out.

Sorry I haven't been super active around the blogosphere lately. I'm still adjusting to summer and a new school schedule (Moose is attending school 2 days a week). It's different having him home more often and I'm just tired today. Not sure why but I do know that I cut my 8 mile run to 6 miles because my thighs couldn't take 2 more miles. They were sore (darn you Jillian).


Shell said...

Summer gets us all, girl!

DOWT sounds like so much fun!

Robin said...

So you cut your run to 6 miles today.....there is always tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and so on....
I'm amazed with all you do.
..and just a thought; have your thyroid checked. It seams to be a common cause when it comes to a lack of energy in moms who have had more than one child. Women tend to just kiss off lack of interest, energy, appetite, etc., and blame it on their hectic daily life. When in fact, they have more going on then they realize. Your thyroid controls many parts of your body, and it tends to go on the blink, in many women, after childbearing.

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