Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buffalo County Stampede Half Marathon

This is me just before I finished in 2:11:00 - awesome! I know I look dorky with the waterbottle stuck in my shirt/sports bra, but that's how I roll. I really really hate carrying water. I also do not like my profile.
I'm not sure how I feel about my hydration belt either. It bounced so badly at the start of the half, I had to dump my back two water bottles within the first 3 miles. Ugh. Should've gotten a medium belt but then Big A would never be able to use it. My shirt is also cute but too short to wear with the belt. It kept un-tucking and annoying me.
This is Big A just before his 2:12-13:00 finish. That's right, folks. I beat him! Don't look to that happening again, but it felt really good. He started out so fast that I think it just hurt him. His first two miles had to be about 8-8:30 minute miles. Then, of course, his poor nipples. He wants to shave and use band-aids. I want him to not shave and use Body Glide.
The route was nice and flat! A little headwind at mile 4 but it felt good coming back in at mile 9. I almost puttered out around mile 9...then I told myself, 'you know your legs can do this; it's all in your head' and I did it. I pushed myself to catch a lady I'd been running with and then Big A and then kept going. I finished out really strong with a faster-than-running-slower-than-sprinting jaunt in the last .2 miles. I love finishing strong!

This is my older sister, Amber. She finished 7 miles that day! She has PT on Friday and her allergies started acting up when we ran through the park. However, I'm super proud of her - 7 miles is a long way in itself! And aren't the boys' shirts cute?

 Squirt was so mad when I ran past him. Moose & Amber ran after me to the finish line, but Squirt was too little to keep up. Luckily, Big A picked him up and carried him to the finish (nice daddy!). But he was still mad that I'd left. Hence the crying and eating all of my recovery food. What a sweetie pie - love him.

I think Moose will be a runner yet. He was so excited to follow me to the finish. Then we turned around to go get Daddy and ran after him to the finish, too. I love this kid!

Another Team S Club half marathon complete! I've been contemplating a full (of course, don't I change my mind every other week?), but talked to Big A. I'm going to (try to) wait a couple years and get stronger in my running. Then we'll take off for a weekend or so to a bigger marathon and run one there - well, I will; Big A's still not sure. And I do plan on doing the run-walk-run method if I do. But that's a ways off. For now, I'll enjoy my running (most days).


jaesi said...

sooooo awesome!

Studied to be a Mommy said...

Congratulations on another finish!! Poor Anthony.... Are you guys going to run the Omaha Half again this year??

Cori said...

That is awesome! Good job to you and Big A! :) His nipples make me painful!

I like all the running garb! :)

w said...

congrats on the run! and wow! 2 hours! awesome!

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