Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Have you ever been a witness to an accident or crime? I haven't been; however, as I understand it, you are legally bound to tell what you've seen. Whether that's in a police report or in court.

This past Sunday, Sunday School class talked about spreading the Truth. The Truth being the gospel of Christ's blood shed on the cross for the propitiation (full payment) of our sins. I never thought much about the word "witness" before. I never put my experiences with the Holy Spirit into the example of a courtroom setting.

I am a witness of Jesus' power through the Holy Spirit. He has spoken to me on several occasions: the night in college when I really made the decision to turn my life around; when He told me to go on a missions/relief trip after Hurricane Katrina; when He told us to move our wedding date up; when He convicted me recently about my desires. I know that the Lord was also with me when I gave birth to my sons. The Lord is working small miracles (but miracles nonetheless) in Moose through his great strides made in speech and social settings. The Lord is with me every step of the way during every run; there are honestly a few where I know His feet are running and I'm just standing on His feet.

Perhaps you are skeptical. Perhaps you haven't felt the Holy Spirit work in your life. I don't know your life story (some of you I do, but most of you I don't), but I do know my life story. And I'm here as a witness to tell you that God is real. Christ's mercy and forgiveness are real. The Holy Spirit is real! They have worked miracles in my life and probably in yours too! I can't give you all the answers to your questions, but I can personally testify to God's power. I would be a lost soul, a broken woman, without the power of God's grace and His redemption.

I know my life has a lot of work yet to be done. I'm praying hard for boldness to share my experiences (to witness) better in person...there is a bit of safety here online where I'm not throwing myself completely out there. Although this isn't always easy to be so "preachy" online either. I like my readers and I really don't want to lose anyone, but I know that's a possibility. However, just like if you witnessed a crime, I don't have a choice. I need to, have to tell you what I've witnessed. God's power is too great not to share.

I hope you've felt the Holy Spirit in your life. If you haven't, pray about it. God listens. He wants to show you His power! Pray and open your eyes and ears.

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