Monday, May 16, 2011

one friend

When Moose started preschool, I told his teacher that I wanted him to have just one friend. He had "friends" before - kids we played with that were my friends' kids. They are his friends but these school kids would be friends with him because they wanted to be his friend.

I've known for awhile that he's got some good friends in school. He talks about them. They know me as "Moose's mom" (which I adore). Last week at playgroup, one of the girls gave him a hug. At Sunday School, it's always a relief to know that his school friends will be there, too.

But today, one mom shared something with me that just melted my heart. I've noticed this friendship between C and Moose growing for awhile. I just didn't realize how much... (this is what his mom wrote on my Facebook wall)...

"I love [Moose]. He's a good guy. He's a hugger." - C

How sweet. And so true. The kid is a hugger. And a good guy.


Cat said...

Aw, such a sweet thing to hear about your own kid! :)

{I love that he is a good hugger...that is an important skill to have!}

xx Cat brideblu

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

That is so sweet and a good example of how a few kind words go a long way!

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