Monday, May 9, 2011


Yesterday was Mother's I hope you all know by now (and if not, call your mother). My day was actually pretty uneventful...but so full of blessings.

1. It was warm enough to wear a skirt to church!
2. I got to feel my friend's baby kick inside her belly.
3. Our Sunday School class had a good discussion on faith (I didn't feel like I talked too much).
4. The church sermon was about running away from God (speaking of Jonah). I realized how often in my life I KNEW that I couldn't run from God really but I tried to. I KNEW what I was doing was wrong - but I did it anyway. I've never given Jonah's story much thought before.
5. The challenge to make vows to the Lord and stick with them.
6. 2 books for Mother's Day (although I got them Saturday...on accident, they were left sitting on the counter). So excited to have Praying the Scriptures for Your Children and Fresh Wind Fresh Fire from my love! I'm also reading a very good Max Lucado book I'll have a review over soon.
7. Spending time before church on our porch, reading while watching our sons.
8. Big A sitting through a movie he really didn't want to watch but I did (Scream...don't judge).
9. Going out to eat...only to come back home when Moose seemed upset after employees sang to a girl for her birthday (they shoved whipped cream in her face). Something about the happy birthday stints at places has always freaked him out. Oh well, it was a good meal.
10. Knowing my sons were taken care of during Sunday School and church. Well taken care of.

Today's blessings keep adding up, too.
1. No arguments about putting shoes on, getting out the door.
2. Wearing a dress today!
3. Getting my workouts (4 miles and Jillian) done already!
4. Having a good heart to heart with my husband before work.
5. Playing at the park with Squirt and seeing good friends there!
6. Having my great grandma's Mother's Day card re-sent to her (free).
7. Getting my hair brushed by a certain blue-eyed 1-year-old.
8. No make-up or hair done today - too hot and windy! :) But I feel...fresh.

9. this family - what blessing they each are!

What are your blessings today?


Cori said...

You already have a Jillian workout and 4 miles done? Good job! :) I feel so lazy...haha

I need to wear more skirts! They are so comfy. Why do I resist? :)

Dee said...

That does sounds like a fantastic day and I love that picture! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pic! So you don't need me to forward on the card that ended up here? Good cause I was struggling to find an envelope that was the right size and not spoken for!! Glad they worked it out for you!

In Light of the Truth... said...

So many blessings!! You are beautiful! You have a beautiful family! And I'm so thankful for your friendship!!

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