Friday, May 13, 2011

Apparently my "discouraged" post disappeared - which is fine. Today has been difficult too but I'm handling it much better. I just need to repeat my little mantra "impatience is a waste of energy" (over and over and over). It really is. I consider impatience in the same realm as worry. And, unfortunately, I struggle with both of those. However, with the help of our Good Lord, I am overcoming!!

I am still a little apprehensive about this summer with Moose. I've been out of a routine, not working on school things at home...becoming the type of mom who lets others teach her kid, which is not the type of mom I want to be (if you are, that's your choice, I'm just saying that I want to be very involved).

So I couldn't sleep last night and got up to make a master to-do list. I got a very small portion done today, but have lots of work to do in the coming weeks to prepare for summer! I have all of my education/homeschool things sitting on our dinner table (random thought: why is it dinner table and not lunch table or meal table?). I have themes picked out for the weeks and just need to come up with activities and other things to do during those weeks. Phew! Any ideas or tips from educators and/or homeschoolers are more than welcome (or if you're not either of those things but have ideas, I welcome those also).

We've been working (at school and home) about Moose staying out of other people's bubbles. I was breaking up a fight between my boys earlier and talked to Moose about staying out of Squirt's bubble. I went back to the kitchen and I hear, "no you stay in your bubble!" Moose sure picks things up quickly! Unfortunately...Squirt only knows two kinds of bubbles: bath ones and normal bubbles. We'll have to teach him, too.

I had a wonderful chat with Moose's teacher today at the playgroup we attend once a month at the school. She said she was going to try to make weighted lap blankets this summer for her classroom. She was showing me a catalog with sensory tools - it's all so expensive. But I'm going to order a catalog so I can see about some DIY projects. I'd love to make a weighted vest, a weighted blanket, sensory gloves (but I'm not sure about that, these may be easier to buy). If you've used sensory with your kids and have some DIY tips, I'm also more than happy to hear them! Oh and I'd love to get a water table/sensory table and a foam roller (which should be easy enough to make). 

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Rion said...

I remember at the daycare I worked at in Tecumseh, they had some weighted hand type things.. but they were rectangular bean bags.. you placed it on the childs back and it calmed them as they tried to nap.. that might be pretty cheap! :) If thats what you are meaning! :P

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