Yellow Mandala Guitar Pick Ring (review)

*My apologies, this post was to have been up sooner, but I've lost my camera. So bear with me through these pictures!*

I was flipping through (scrolling through?) Etsy one fine day, looking for unique rings. I came across Voodoo StarZ and their yellow mandala guitar pick ring. I don't play guitar myself but I can appreciate a cool accessory when I see one!

see? video camera pictures...ugh
Anyway, this is a cool ring. My friend's daughter asked me if there was a sticker on it (the yellow/red design), but I've also gotten some other compliments on it. I like wearing it - it's just the right amount of accessory for some outfits. I first wore it with this canary yellow long-sleeved shirt that was a loud color for me to wear, but I wanted an accessory. This ring was a perfect fit!! Subtle enough but still kind of blingy.

It takes me a little bit to get used to wearing it when I do put it on; guitar picks aren't your every day ring-wear. But after a few minutes, I hardly notice it. It's very light weight, too, so that's nice, especially with summer coming up. It's not dark or heavy - it's very light and just lovely to wear around.

Voodoo StarZ has some other really neat items up for sale in their Etsy shop! It's a very eclectic site with rings, shirts, bows, pendants - anything to fit your niche.

copper crescent moon ring
luck of the Irish pendant
Those are some of my other favorites in the store. Their shirts are not to my liking - they have some unsavory sayings on them. However, there are many other items in this little Etsy store that you may just find to your liking! Check them out on Etsy!

Disclaimer: I received a mandala guitar pick ring in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own; no money exchanged hands. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) I have had with the shop, Etsy, and/or product.


Jessica Heights said…
What a cute idea for a ring!

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