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We Be Big by Rich Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey (review)

"We Be Big: The Mostly True Story of How Two Kids from Calhoun County, Alabama, Became Rick and Bubba" is about morning radio talk hosts. These two guys crossed paths in their teen years and again at college. It wasn't until after college when they both began working at different radio stations that their life paths really started to correlate. Through job losses and gains, they ended up working together during the morning talk radio time.

Here is a blip about the book:
The story of two unlikely radio hosts and what happened when they followed their faith and instincts.
Rick & Bubba are the most unlikely broadcast stars imaginable, yet hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners start their day with them every morning. Beyond that, they break the biggest no-no rule for secular radio as they openly share their faith in Christ and their common-sense way of looking at the world. Now, in We Be Big: The Mostly True Story of How We Became Rick & Bubba, readers learn how this unlikely pairing came about. Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, this is also the highly personal story of two men who—like most of us—resisted stepping through the doors God opened for them, opting for the easier path when tested. When they finally decided to follow their instincts and their faith, though, not only did they became amazingly successful, but also a truly powerful platform became theirs.

I have never heard one of their shows but I plan to look it up because of this book. These guys are so real and funny - but heartfelt, during this book. They claim to be the same on the radio. They aren't the guys with the fake radio voices who talk about horoscopes and celebrity birthdays (which a local radio station does around here...I can't stand it). They use their own southern drawls - which I never understood why people wanted to listen to boring Midwestern accents anyway! They talk about their lives and tell stories (unbelievable ones but true). They share their faith, families, friends - everything. I think that's the kind of show that I want to listen to!

The book is phenomenal. I honestly enjoyed every page. I really like hearing or reading about how people grew up - it's so interesting the various ways of life that this country provides. I like to hear how people ended up where they ended up - whether famous or not. Everyone's story is so unique and interesting - even if it's not to that person.

Just a great story of these two regular guys who went for their dreams! They weren't fake, they didn't hide their faith, and they have been very successful in their jobs and lives. I think there are so many jobs where Christians work and are afraid to be open with their faith. It's a hard line to toe but God will bless you if you don't hide Him. That's what I believe but I know that it's not always clean cut when it comes to faith and professionalism. However, radio is not somewhere you hear about faith often, unless it's a Christian radio station. And even there, they have their own format, they don't rock the boat (you ever hear Christian rap on the radio? I didn't think so). Rick and Bubba push the lines and have fun while being who they are. That's a great testament to their hearts.

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