Fun Time Driving Time Road Rug and other CSN finds (review)

I finally got something super cool for my kids! I'm not always the best gift giver when it comes to my children. For Moose's first Christmas and birthday we got him toys that he never played with. I don't know why, but we just aren't that great at picking out least we weren't. We have gotten better, but I believe I topped us with this Fun Time Driving Time Road Rug from CSN.

If you haven't been a follower long, you should know that Cars is a huge movie around here. One of Moose's autism signs was that he lined up cars. He doesn't share cars (or rarely shares cars). Squirt has also picked up on this fascination with these shiny little automobiles. He drives them on his body saying, "beep beep." So I thought getting them this rug would be so fun. However, rugs aren't cheap! You know that cute rug at your local library or preschool - I bet you didn't realize that it was probably more than $20, right? Rugs range from $20 (for a very small welcome mat-size rug) to $200+ (for full-room sized rugs). This road rug we got was $72 and it's 4'3"x6'6" - not an awful price comparably.

And it's a home run as far as gifts go! My boys love it! It also happens to help keep a very chilly room a bit warmer - at least it seems to. I love that there are numerous "stops" on the rug: hospital, police station, gas station/mechanic, airport. There are also parking spaces - which Moose doesn't let me use. Yeah, he doesn't really get the concept of the road, per say. He lines his cars up a la Mario Kart or Nascar still on the rug. But he was very excited when it came; kept asking me for "line rug."

This rug came rolled up but it flattened out really nicely. That was a concern of ours because Moose does NOT like rugs or things to be rumpled. He'll straighten them out and get mad if he can't. The material is really nice; I have no idea what it is but it seems very durable! There are no frays in the side stitches. It seems like one of those rugs you see in the toy store and want to get your kids (I actually saw a smaller version of this rug at a local toy store - that's when I was sold on getting this from CSN).

I got a few smaller things from CSN. A Spalding NBA indoor/outdoor basketball- I haven't gotten any pictures (and now we've lost our camera) but we have taken this basketball to our local gym so the boys can ... well, run around and kick the ball. Moose's favorite thing is for me to make a basket with my arms and dunk it - so cute! It's really nice to have a basketball around the house; we've never had one so it's a good addition. I don't know much about basketballs and quality but it seems like one you would use during a real game! Big A says it's a nice one, too.

I also got some Universal Pen Style Dry Erase Markers. We have an easel that has a marker board/chalk board combo. We have a few dry erase markers but I wanted more of a variety. I like how small these can write. The colors are really vibrant. The green one still works after being slobbered on by Squirt.

And last, but certainly not least, I got the boys some Munchkin Sea Buddies bath toys. We had some similar before we moved, but decided to throw them away. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this experience, but we've only been able to keep bath toys for about 6 months to a year. They develop this black...junk that comes out of them when squirted. I'm not sure what that is, but we've always thrown away the toys when that happens. These new bath toys are good quality and I love the different animals: walrus (which Moose thinks is a seal), penguin, seahorse, starfish, whales and a shark. I think bath toys are a fun way for kids to learn about the animals that they're playing with. Well, like with the walrus, I'm trying to explain to Moose that walruses have tusks and seals don't. I need to show him more pictures online or something, but these bath toys opened the door for our little learning experience.

I know that many of you are familiar with CSN - I love seeing their giveaways and reviews all over in the blogosphere. I think they are a company to trust; I've worked with them numerous times and enjoy the products I receive. I actually just won a giveaway and am awaiting my new apron and hand-held vacuum (very excited about this). I will have to let you know how those products are, but I have enjoyed the ones I've written about. My boys enjoy them, too, and that's probably a more reliable review than my own!


Shell said…
That carpet is so cute. We have one of those somewhere...hmm, wonder if it's in the garage. Too many moves = disorganized. Or at least, that is my excuse!

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