Foodies Winner!

Alright friends, I was reminded that I needed to post a winner for my foodies contest. The contest was...delicious. I was only unable to make one dish - Sarah's Curried Chicken Divan (because my husband dislikes curry apparently and curry powder is not cheap, especially for one dish). BUT I did get to try all the others and here are the winners!

In the side dish category is - Cori's Corn Casserole - so yummy. I love the corn muffin mix with it. Unfortunately Squirt didn't like it but that kid can sense corn 2 miles away.

The winner for the main dish is - Stacey with her salsa chicken. Not only was it yummy but it was SO easy! I also did enjoy her Mexican Tortilla skillet!

Stacey and Cori, email me with your choice of cookbook: Starving Student, Casual Entertaining, Just Like Grandma Used to Make, and Taste of Italy (although I will warn you that my children got ahold of that last one and colored in it). randi_lynn137 (at)

Thanks so much ladies for playing along. I enjoyed trying the new recipes!


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