The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That (review and giveaway)

If you didn't catch my last review over Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: Wings and Things, check it out here. Or if you want to hear what I (and my kids) thought of the new Cat in the Hat: Tales About Tails, read on!

I will be honest, my kids haven't watched this DVD yet. It's not that they won't like it or it's inappropriate - no! Moose is just a little Big A when it comes to movies/shows - he likes what he knows. He keeps asking for Wings and Things when I put this new DVD in - and he cries, so I am not pushing it. He'll love it when he watches it, I know he will.

Both boys love The Cat in the Hat (Squirt says "ca" when we get it out and is forever bringing me the DVD). So much so that I'm thinking about that as a birthday theme (along with 50 other ideas).

Anyway, so Tales About Tails was up to me to watch myself. I tried watching it from their perspective, but that's hard. I will say I enjoyed the freshness of new episodes! I am not like Moose and Big A - I like new shows and movies! The first episode was my favorite - A Sticky Situation.

Nick and Sally go with the Cat to meet Betty the Beaver to get Nick an new drum stick (speaking of, I now am pondering where our drum sticks are...). One thing that always cracks me up is their moms - the kids just ask to go to this place or that with the Cat. The moms assume they're pretending so they agree to let them go; just a funny play on asking permission.

Martin Short is back voicing the Cat in the Hat. He does such a great job. We have a story book that goes along with one of the episodes from the last DVD. Martin's voice is so great as the Cat that I try to emulate it when I read. Wow, I'm a dork, right?

The story was great, explaining about beavers and their dams and such. The animation is still like good ol' Dr. Seuss books we all love. My other favorite part is the song they sing when they're getting ready to go on an adventure. I talked with a mom the other day about this show and she said there's always this song stuck in her head (she couldn't remember it at the time but I'd bet money it was this song).

NCircle Entertainment has generously offered to give one of my readers their very own copy of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That : Tales About Tails! Awesome, right?

Mandatory entry: leave me a comment letting me you want in on this giveaway INCLUDING a valid email address.

Other entries:
- Tell me your favorite Dr. Seuss story (or favorite The Cat in the Hat... episode)
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Giveaway open to US residents. This giveaway is open until April 20th, 2011 at 11:59 (CST). Good luck and thanks for entering!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: Tales of Tails in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) with the DVD, company, and/or other affiliations as I have had.


Rae said…
You know I want in!
Rae said…
I love How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I like to read my kids One Foot, Two Foot (or whatever it's called!) and the one with the guy that changes hats.
Rae said…
I entered your Cherry Walls giveaway!
Unknown said…
we do not watch a lot of tv here but I do let Lola (2 1/2) watch some of the pbs shows-including the CITH. I will DRV that and Caillou for her so I would LOVE to be able to win this for her!

I love it when they ask "permission" to huh??
Unknown said…
I entered your Cherry Walls giveaway! yay :)
Unknown said…
My fav CITH episode is when they are trying to figure out who Cat's BF is...and it's the bird. That one is cute
Unknown said…
I want in on this giveaway. My granddaughter would love this DVD, she is crazy about The Cat in the Hat. frugalexperiments (at) gmail (dot) com
Jen said…
I want to win!!

jenniekcoupons at gmail dot com
Jen said…
Favorite Dr Seuss story : Oh the Places You'll Go
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
I like the Foot book, and I like the episode where they change tails.
Mom_softball said…
My favorite is green eggs and ham. Mom_softball

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