born to do this

Kara Goucher wrote a great post on her blog about her experience with Tina Steinberg (whose necklaces I'm forever trying to win and they have alluded me so far). Included in Kara's post was a contest offer - write about what you were born to do (and email it to Tina) to try to win a bracelet (and possibly necklace) from Tina. Unfortunately, at least 25 people seemed to have beat me to the punch but I wrote an email (without that foreknowledge). I wanted to share it with you, my friends.

Growing up, my mom worked. Her mom worked, my dad's mom worked, my aunts all worked. I only knew what an at-home mom was because a few classmates' moms didn't work. I grew up wanting to be a teacher. In high school, I narrowed that view to English teacher. I started college and dove into the English and teacher's programs. I met a great man and he was crazy enough to marry me. 3 months later, we saw those little pink lines that mean "oh boy! (or girl!)." Nothing changed except my body. After our little bundle of joy, Tristan, came along, I was smitten. I know most moms are (and for good reason because otherwise their crying would drive us nuts!), but, gosh, I'd never felt anything like it. I was just going back to finish my last year of school - which meant a semester of classes and then student teaching. I cried when I dropped Tristan off at daycare, but everyone reassured me that it would get easier. As the days and weeks passed, I knew they were wrong. It was not getting easier, nor would it. My student teaching application had been sent in and I had been placed at a good school with a good teacher! My dreams were coming true....and I didn't want them. I had a new dream. To stay home to be with my son. Praise God, my husband and I sat down and realized that student teaching would COST us money (because of daycare and me not working). We just couldn't afford it. I was scared - I had to finish my degree (it wasn't in me to quit; I'd never go back if I quit...and my dad had only promised my hand to Anthony on the condition that I graduate college). I called one of my professors and broke down crying. He was amazing and through independent studies and rearranging my schedule, I graduated in 2008 with an English non-teaching degree. More importantly, I've been home with my son (now sons) since. And even on the pull-my-hair-out days or endless-runny-noses days, there is no place I'd rather be. I was born to do this.

What were you born to do?


Nicole Joy said…
Very happy you have found your niche. :) I'm sure your boys will be so thankful for your dedication to them when they are older <3
Linda said…
I right there with you my friend!

Also, I was born to sing, not in front of people but because I find so much joy in singing out of the joy of my heart!!!
Shell said…
I do feel like I was born to be a mom. I taught before my kids were born, but cried at the thought of going back to the classroom after that.

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