BAM Crafty Mommas chalkboard mat (review and discount code!)

As some of you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month. This, of course, is very near and dear to my heart because of my sweet son, Moose. I thought it would be fun to review something in honor of this special month. So I bring you BAM Crafty Mommas and their Autism Awareness Chalk Board Mat.

I love this mat! It has come in so handy these past few weeks as we've been in and out of the doctor's office with bronchitis and viruses and other junk. The boys get a little unruly - 'hey, do you want to color?' and this just gives them something to do. It's so nice that I can roll it up (with that little white elastic piece) and have it in my purse or diaper bag! How handy! You can't see it in my picture, but there is another piece of elastic that would hold a small piece of chalk - unfortunately, we only have sidewalk chalk but I just roll it up in it and that works for us.

Moose is not much of a colorer. He honestly doesn't color much but if you give him something he doesn't get to color with often: colored pencils, markers, or - chalk!! he's in to it much more. I'm not sure if he's the only kid like that but novelty is good for kids. With Squirt I just have to watch him because he'll chew on the chalk (gotta love this age, right?).

I love the colorful design - puzzle pieces are not only for Autism Awareness but they are just fun. Really, they are. They are made of 100% cotton on one side and chalkboard fabric on the other. Whoever invented this chalkboard fabric is a genius. We have an actual chalkboard - I can't stand the way chalk sounds on it (not to mention the fingernails). I don't have that problem with this mat; it's nosie-less (mostly). I really have appreciated this mat, and luckily, the boys haven't fought over it. They never seem to want it at the same time (which is great for me!). If you need something for your kids to do - church, doctor appointments, nap times; I would highly recommend getting one of these little mats.

This shop has a lot more than chalkboard mats, too! Right now on their Etsy site, they are showcasing cute Easter items. They have buntings/banners, blanket/burp cloth sets, coffee cozys, paint chip bookmarks, premade scrapbooks (hello! time saver!), and Scripture books. These Scripture books are adorable - would make great Easter or Mother's Day (or any time) gifts!!

BAM Crafty Mommas has offered a 10% discount to S Club 4 readers! Use the code: SCLUB10.

How sweet - thank you so much for allowing me to review this mat; it has been so helpful and I really hope my readers can see what a neat shop you have!


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