Writer's Workshop: A Memorable Dinner

*Some of these events may be out of order, but you get the idea*
Over 4th of July weekend in 2004, I drove from my hometown in central Nebraska to Cheynne, Wyoming. There I met my boyfriend, Big A, and we dropped off his truck at my parents' friends' brother's house (phew!). Then we traveled to Kimmerer (this is not a misspelling either), Wyoming where I met his aunt and uncle and cousins. There, we talked for way too long, ate good food, and watched their wedding video (where Big A and his brother were the ring bearers - too cute).

The following day, Big A & I went to where he had been staying in Wyoming. I apologize because I've forgotten the name of the town. That night, he made me dinner. Spaghetti and garlic bread.

I'll admit this now: I had overheard my mom and him talking on the phone about this dinner. I was on the phone with her and she'd gotten another call from Big A. Let's just say she talks loud...and it sounded to me like he was going to propose over this dinner! Woo! I hung up the phone before I heard too many details because I didn't want to get overly excited.

So we're eating dinner and he reads me this beautiful poem he wrote (he was always writing me little poems and long letters - we exchanged letters all that summer). It was just romantic...there was possibly even candle light. Then he gave me a gift...

...not an engagement ring. A beautiful heart necklace from Yellowstone. Just beautiful!

I'll also admit this now: I was disappointed. I'd let myself get so excited about being engaged that even a beautiful necklace was a disappointment. However, the rest of the evening was just beautiful and sweet and simple and romantic. Nothing special, but a lot of catching up face to face.

We drove to Jackson Hole the following day and rode on a ski lift (no snow). I'd never been on one; my belly was full of butterflies that whole ride. It was gorgeous though.

Then we drove to Yellowstone. We saw Old Faithful erupt (so cool!). As we were going to check the timing of the geyser, I bumped something in his hip pocket - apparently his wallet. Then we went on to the stinky paint pots (sulfur filled little things of water). We drove around - me hoping to see a moose (saw one but it was so far back and Big A said "oh we'll see another" which didn't happen).

He took me to see this waterfall. It was a little hike up there (not bad, but there was a shorter path..but we wanted time together). When we got there, it was just perfect, just us. We'd passed a ton of people on our way up so it was as if it were planned (not by Big A but maybe Someone Else wanted to give us privacy). I took some pictures...

Big A hugged me. He's much taller than me so my head leans on his chest as he says he can't believe we've been together nine months. In my head I think 'wow, that's it?' so I quickly say "almost 10" (because 10 is so much longer than 9 - silly girl). I close my eyes and am just in the moment, loving being together!

Big A says "I think this is what God wants for us" and pulls back from me. I slowly open my eyes to him, back a bit on bended knee. He asks me to marry him and opens the box to reveal the ring(s)...

...and they fall out. We're 326 feet above this waterfall! He catches them (thankfully!) before they take a bath and continues his proposal. I don't even think I audibly said yes, but I shook my head. Tears came (not pouring as his were...he's so sweet) and he slides my ring on my finger. We hug and I say yes. What a beautiful moment. I'm so giddy - even still! You should see the smile on my face!

Then this nice lady (possibly French or Canadian, I guess), came down to see the waterfall. She very sweetly took our picture in front of it. Although I'd been expecting this moment over the weekend, I'd put it out of my mind the night before when it hadn't happened over dinner. I was so surprised - and elated! I couldn't have planned a better place for my best friend, the man I loved, to ask me to be his wife, his bride, forever.

Picture perfect, if you ask me.

my only regret? Is that I'm wearing a t-shirt that says 'Wasted Talent' - he could have told me to dress up!
This memorable dinner (and later engagement) has been brought to you by Mama Kat's pretty  much world famous Writer's Workshop. Head on over to her blog to see the rest of the prompts and posts.


Yikes he almost dropped the ring!! He must have great reflexes too! Beautiful story!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's!
Cori said…
Yikes he almost dropped the ring!! He must have great reflexes too! Beautiful story!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

(if this posted 3x I'm sorry! Lol!)
Barbara said…
Stopping by from Mama Kat's! What a great engagement story!

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