Monday Meanderings: Thursday version

Yes, I realize it's Thursday and this is Monday Meanderings. However, I'm feeling less than organized today and need some help figuring out what NEEDS to get done this week.
Bible Study... I need to finish up notes on Mission of Motherhood, but I'm actually done with the book itself. I started going to a Bible study-thing with my friends Jackie and Melanie this Wednesday. They basically meet and talk about a book (that I don't have) or just talk.

Memory Verse... Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" - we're trying to teach Moose memory verses (yes, I know I tried this awhile back...try and try again).

Husband Encouragement... I honestly have nothing for this right now. Maybe get dishes done so he doesn't have to (he has a few times in this past week).

Train Them Up... Focus on using Moose's big boy voice and listening to me.

Personal Goals... I am running tonight and Saturday yet (already worked out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). Nothing else really special going on.

New Habit of the Month... meeting with Jackie and Melanie on Wednesday mornings

MUST Do... go to the library to print off autism waiver and SSI applications, and make copies of Moose's ASD diagnosis papers. Mail in papers for the developmental delay/MR waiver.

Zone... I have nothing. My house is a mess today. Mostly toys.

Menu - Thursday: eggs & bacon
Friday: no idea
Saturday: bday party for a girl friend
Sunday: no idea

FUN THINGS! Parents as Teachers playgroup tomorrow morning, probably followed by the park until lunch. Hopefully an easy weekend.
3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1. squeaky lost baby voices (sorry, maybe this is mean but when kids lose their voices, it's adorable)
2. sunshine
3. very nice people on the phone!


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